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At the beginning of the play Gerald appears to be a polite, respectable young gentleman. Mr Birling is aware that the Crofts are socially superior to the Birling's. Gerald agrees and shares’ Mr Birling's capitalistic views on making love, he also has a patronizing attitude towards Eric similar to Mr Birling “Not if it was just after the holidays They’d all be broke – if I know them”. Gerald wants to make a good impression of himself because of his recent engagement to Sheila. If we look at the theme of class, we can see that Gerald was prepared to marry Sheila, despite her lower social position, this shows Gerald as a non-stereotypical individual. Gerald seems to have a lot more self-confidence compared to Eric. We evidently see Gerald's enthusiasm; he wants to be amiable with the Birling's. "I insist upon being one of the family now." Mr Birling is very comfortable talking to Gerald. He describes Gerald as "just the kind of son-in-law I always wanted." He also opens up to Gerald about is knighthood "Just a knighthood, of course." but doesn't tell his own son about this. On the whole Gerald and Mr Birling get along, they both tease Eric.
When the inspector arrives, Gerald seems to be defensive against the inspector, this is shown “Fortunately it isn’t left to you is it? “ Gerald is also quite manipulative when he tries to avoid certain situations “Where did you get the idea that I did know her?” Gerald also constantly backs up Mr Birling and agrees with the way Mr Birling handles the sacking of Eva Smith “You couldn’t have done anything else”, “Yes, I think you were. I know we’d have done the same thing “. Gerald tries to undermine the inspector “And I don’t really see that this inquiry gets you anywhere inspector”. Unlike Mr Birling, Gerald doesn’t seem to lose his temper like the other characters; this could suggest that Gerald is a…...

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