1. What Are the Duties and Job Responsibilities Associated with the Position Held by the Individual You Interviewed?

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Human Resource Management
Norman A Parker Jr.
July 22, 2013
University of Phoenix
Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management is the function of an organization’s workforce in big companies, an entire group is typically dedicated with staff specializing in various HR tasks and useful leadership engaging in major decision making throughout the business. They do the processing of hiring and developing employees so that they become more valuable to the business. Also to attain two main purpose within the business. The first is to make use of the talents and abilities of each employee to meet the set objectives that are the ultimate aim of the business. Along with this, the practice also seeks to make sure that person employees are satisfied with both their working environment and the compensation and benefits that they receive. Human Resource Management is the purpose within an business that focuses on recruitment of management and providing a path for the people who work in the business.HRM can also be carried out by line managers. Human Resource Management can be defined as the useful selection and employment of employees to best achieve the goals and the plan of the organizations, as well as the goals and the needs of employees. The responsibilities of human resource management should be shared by human resource specialists and line management.

To achieve this, it is required to clearly know the main purpose of human resource management. The functions of human resource management are divided into two parts. The different disciplines of HR require evaluation in compensation, benefits, safety, payroll, recruiting and training. Which means his evaluation is cross-discipline. A human resource manager who stays in his/her office all day will not be efficient at building relationships with employees. Another function of the…...

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