11 Importance Factors Responsible for the Growth of Comparative Education

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11 Importance Factors Responsible For the Growth of Comparative Education
1. The Geographical Factor:
The geographical position has its inevitable impact on the culture, civilisation and education of a nation. The various countries of the world have different geographical positions. Therefore, their modes of living, civilization, culture, social institutions and educational systems are also different.
The climate of a cold country is different from that of a tropical one. Therefore, ways of living and social organisation of the two types of countries are not the same. Serial systems influence the educational organisation.
An agricultural country emphasises agricultural education in its educational system, and an industrial country pays special attention to technological and-industrial subjects in the organisation of its curriculum. In a cold country there is a long winter vacation and in a hot country a long summer vacation. Evidently, the educational structure of a country is conditioned by its geographical situation.

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2. The Economic Factor:
The educational system of a country is closely related with its economic condition. The aims and curriculum of education are framed according to the economic condition of the land. The belief about the economic system as adhered to by a country is inculcated in the citizens.
For example, under the socialistic economic system, the State is the owner of all property. Therefore at the very primary stage of education children are given the impression that all property belongs to the State and each individual has to protect it. In the democracies like U.S.A. and India the situation is quite different. In these two countries the individual property is recognised.
Therefore in the development of their educational systems full attention is paid to the lights of the individual. That is why…...

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