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Recruitment Questionnaire - Customer Service Representative
Case 1:Answer the customer’s email in the language relevant for the position you are applying to.

I purchased the Anker 25w Wall Charger on the 14th October, for a few months, It has been perfect, so good in fact, that I purchased another around December period to give as a Christmas gift. Needless to say that the recipient was delighted and too, loved it.
I believe that my wall charger has become defective. I use it to charge my Nexus 5 and Ipad2 and various other bits, not necessary at the same time. Over the past couple weeks, I have noticed that my Nexus 5 / Ipad take an extremely long time to charge. Using the LG Nexus 5 charger, it charges my Nexus 5 just under 2 hours, almost at a rate of 1% per minute. This is using a 1.2a charger.
With my wall charger, no matter what port I use, be it the Ipad (2.1a)
/ Samsung Tab (1.3a) / Android (1a). It takes the charger almost 7 hours to fully charge my phone. That is a rate of 1% every 4 minutes, which is unacceptable. I also have an Anker Astro2 battery charger, which charges at 1% per 1 minute, which is correct rate of charge.
I can only deduce that the wall charger is extremely slow and does not output the correct amps. Below is my order number if you need to look into it further. Please note I am also a Anker Power user and have wrote several reviews and would appreciate any assistance you can offer.

Note: This reply is informed by the fact that I do not have the exact details from the technical of what exactly would be the cause of the malfunction. CASE 1 - REPLY:
Dear Customer,
Thank you for your email regarding the Anker 25w wall charger. We are sorry any inconveniences this might have caused you I have forwarded the details to the technical team and they are looking into it right away.
I will get back to you as…...

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