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Barclays 2015 Citizenship Plan
September 2012

We will...
...help individuals, businesses and economies progress and grow.

“Our priority is to establish the right culture and leadership, making citizenship core to our values and day-to-day business decisions”.
Antony Jenkins, Chief Executive, Barclays

Cover photography: Waterloo Housing Group Market turmoil was making it difficult for Waterloo Housing to raise finance for its programme of providing affordable homes. The conventional approach would have been to offer one solution. However, we took a more creative view by taking advantage of the breadth of resource across Barclays, offering Waterloo Housing a choice of options including structured debt, Private Placement and Debt Capital Market solutions.


This Citizenship Plan sets out our intention to contribute to sustainable economic growth in a way that also creates value for society and in a manner that is consistent with the highest standards of integrity. The events following the financial crisis raised profound questions about the way in which the financial services industry in general, and more recently Barclays in particular, operates. Our reputation and that of the banking sector has been severely damaged. We recognise these events have created a breakdown in trust with customers, regulators and society and that we must work hard to regain that trust. In July, Barclays Board established an independent review of its business practices, led by Anthony Salz, reporting to Deputy Chairman, Sir Michael Rake, and a subcommittee of the Board. The review will publish a report before the 2013 Annual General Meeting outlining its findings and recommendations. The Board and Executive Committee have expressed their commitment to reviewing the recommendations carefully with the intention to implement them in full and to publish an account…...

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