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Part:1 (A) The five careers trend for next five year are as follow * Accounting * Information technology * Business management * Engineering * Labour force
(B) The economy is growing day by day there is need for professionals in various fields. Career is increasing in as follow * Chefs, * Accountants, * IT professionals, * Engineers , etc.

Career fields decreasing as follow:

* Retail market in rural areas. * Door to door sales.

(C) Expected trends which are rising: 1. Information technology: The trend of gaming has increased kids like to play computer games more, online service is increasing people mostly like to buy and sell online and to there work from home so more people needed there to provide good online services and to make new programs to work easy. 2. Business management: in today's market company's work on large scale so they need mangers to manage business at different levels and at different locations to get the work done on time with limited no of time with given resources. 3. Engineers: They are needed today in each and every stage of production done by machine or building something as country is developing and economy is rising they direct lower level of people how to do work Nd solve problems with machines so they do need new workers. 4. Accountants: With the increasing employment the people are earning moms they need accountants to manage their accounts and manage companies accounts at various levels to get the best outcome.
PART2: Step1: http://myfuture.edu.au/VideoPopUp.aspx?VideoReferenceId=a83efd37-7bfc-4012-9d29-8ae346262275 Accounting is the profession I choose for my career.
Step2: A. I can be an professional account and provide my accounting service to a company and manage their accounts and I can open my own firm in which I can provide…...

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