A Biblical Financial Plan

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My Vision for the Future

By 12/31/2016 (date), I see the following taking place:

GIVING | | We would be giving 20 % per year. | | We would be making additional gifts each year of: | None | | We would have made total gifts of: | 0 |

COLLEGE | | A college fund would exist for each of our children: | Child | Type of College | Approximate Annual Cost | Total Cost | Le’Asha | 4 year degree college | $50,000 for the first two years depending on the location | Unknown | TaNiyla | 4 year degree college | Unknown | Unknown | ShaNiya | 4 year degree college | Unknown | Unknown |

LIFESTYLE DESIRES | | To be able to maintain a comfortable lifestyle for me and my children where I wouldn’t be falling into debt or trying to make ends meet and be able to purchase a home of my own. | Item | Amount | New Home | $100,000-$200,000 | New Car | $25,000 | | | | We would have the following type of lifestyle: (increase, decrease, or maintain present level) | Maintain present level with a minor increase |

PAY OFF DEBT | | We would have paid off the following debts: | Owed to | Total | Student Loans | $48,500 |

BEGIN BUSINESS | | We will have started our own business, which will require an investment of: | Not interested in owning a business at this point in my life | |

FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE | | We will have the following investments: | Type of Investment | Amount Invested | Annual Return | | | | | | | | I would like to pass on to my spouse (children) the following estate: | My home and assests I would pass on to my children | | We will have the adequate investment income to support our lifestyle of: | $ 3000-3500 per month |

a. Include a brief discussion of your Vision for the Future and any changes that you…...

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