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This case study is based on Theodore (Ted) Bundy, who suffered from antisocial personality disorder. Every aspect of Ted Bundy’s life will be on display, from his background to his emotional, biological, cognitive and behavioral factors, to understanding the criteria of antisocial personality disorder and how it played the role in Theodore’s life.
Theodore (Ted) Bundy was born in Burlington, Vermont on November 11, 1946. Ted was labeled as a bastard child due to never knowing whom his biological father was. His grandparent’s raised him, for the longest time he thought they were his biological parents. Ted’s biological mother was believed to be his sister until she took him away from his grandparent’s house and remarried and then the story came to light of who she actually was to him. Bundy resented his mother due to her taking him away from his grandfather whom he adored above all. Ted’s mother married Johnnie Bundy and had three other children by him. Theodore Bundy did not like his new arrangements and resented his mother for having more children and marrying Johnnie. Ted would lash out and react with anger and hatred and jealousy toward the other children, all he knew was that when his mother had a new baby it was because of Johnnie. Ted found solitude in school work and did very well at it, he felt like school was were he could actually go and get away from home life. Bundy’s has a crush on his first grade teacher; he was upset when she went on maternity leave to have her baby. Ted’s social skills were lacking and he was shy around others and felt like he was inferior and not liked. Ted also attended Sunday school at a local church nearby. What haunted Ted the most was his illegitimacy, he felt like his mother resented him and hated him for being born. Johnnie Bundy was an abusive man who when provoked would lash out and become violent to his…...

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