A Day in the Life of a Chihuahua

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A Day in the Life of a Chihuahua

Ruth Wilson


February 23, 2012
Ronald Tatum


I see a photograph of a brown and black Chihuahua and I think of Rocco. Rocco is a spoiled dog. I became Rocco’s owner three and a half years ago. At the time we became Rocco’s owners I was traveling five to six days a week and thought it was good for mom to have a companion. Rocco has always slept with a human. He likes to crawl under the blankets and burrows in. One day after I came home from an extended work trip he just started staying with me. Now he is with me wherever I am. Rocco is the king of the house. If he wants your attention he will use his nose to nudge your hand. If that doesn’t work he will sit on your chest and look at you with his big blue eyes and rub his head on your chest as if to say, “I’m here stop ignoring me.” The thing about Chihuahua’s is their eyes. They have these bulging eyes which show so much expression. The phrase of puppy dog eyes applies. Rocco’s day starts at nine a.m. After he eats he runs laps round the living room. I like to watch him because he goes really fast and sometimes will run into the couch or bedroom door because he is unable to stop. After I bring out my computer and start working on school work. He tilts his head and looks at me with that disgusted look and lies next to me and takes his nap. Rocco does not like my laptop. Whenever I bring out the laptop to do my homework or socialize for a while he looks at it as if to say “oh no not that thing again.” When I bring out the laptop I sit down he jumps up next to me and puts his head down as if to say “oh well here we go again.” He lies down at my side and puts his head where he can feel the heat from the fan. Before he falls asleep he has a look of disgust on his face he lets out a snort. I pet him and tell him it’s all right. The other thing…...

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