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The poem “A Dream Within A Dream” by Edgar Allan Poe is one of the many pieces that this poet has written. The mysterious poem has a profound theme in order to explain how a dream can cause hope, but can also cause a lot of sorrow. It is extraordinary due to the strong examples of imagery, symbolism, and sound devices such as rhyme, repetition, and alliteration that it contains.

The main theme of this famous poem is all about a dream. It implies that a dream can cause hope, but also sorrow. It shows that you could be living something that feels like a dream, but it could slowly take a turn for the worse and no longer bring you the same happiness that it once did. Due to the fact that Edgar lost his wife, he may have implied through this piece, that something that brings you so much happiness can slip away so quickly, like, “Grains of the golden sand” (Poe 15).

An image is a picture that readers visualize, and it appeals to the five senses in order to create an emotional reaction. An example of imagery in this poem is when Poe says “In a night, or in a day” (Poe 7). This is because, night and day, make people visualize light vs. dark and portrays daydreaming, and dreaming while sleeping. This develops a twisting atmosphere, leads to contrast imagery, and helps create feelings of controversy.

Another device used in this poem is symbolism. Symbolism is “the use of symbols to represent ideas or qualities” (Oxford Dictionaries) meaning it is something that resembles a certain thought. Throughout this piece, Poe symbolizes joy by representing travel in his poem. For example, he talks about being on a beach by saying things like “surf-tormented shore” (Poe 13) and “golden sand” (Poe 15) and this gives readers thoughts of happiness since the beach is most often a desired location.

Finally, Poe incorporated many sound…...

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