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A Journal Entry: Trail of Tears

A Journal Entry: Trail of Tears

Summer 1838

It has just been announced that to us that there are some among us that have signed a treaty selling away our lands from out from under us with President Jackson. I do not understand why our own people would do such a thing. We have been told that if we do not leave, General Scott will come and force us off our lands. (Schultz, 2012) My husband says that it is only because gold was discovered here that the white man is pushing us away.
Though he does not wish, my husband says we must go before the general gets here.

Fall 1838

We did not leave when my husband wanted us to go. My sister came to visit us and begged me to come back home and stay with her. She said that even my husband could come, but when we arrived at her large home, my father was there, and he told us that we could not enter and that he only had one daughter. I wanted to cry. My husband, bowed to my father slightly and we left, but before we got too far away, my sister called me back. She was crying as she gave me an old family heirloom that was supposed to have come to me on the day I turned 21.
She begged me to leave my husband and those of the Cherokee people and come home to our family, but what she did not understand was that these people had become my people. I could never leave my husband as she wished of me. I loved him far too much.
We stayed on in the home land of the Cherokee. But then the deadline for that infernal, treaty came and General Scott came with his troops. They forced us out of our homes. There were children, who didn’t even have shoes on their feet, and we were all pushed into stockades and made to wait until the general said it was time for us to leave. (, 2008)
Now we are on the trail to Oklahoma, which is 1,000 miles away, with the rest of our people. Some of…...

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