A Project Planning Document

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A Project Planning Document

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"Promotion of Development and Confidence-Building in the Chittagong Hill Tracts

DEV 612 Course Title: Project Appraisal and Management

Submitted to:
Professor Niaz Ahmed Khan
Ph.D. (Wales), Post Doc. (Oxford)
Professor of Development Studies, University of Dhaka;
Country Representative, International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Bangladesh Country Office; and
Senior Commonwealth Fellow, Queen Elizabeth House,
University of Oxford, UK
BRAC Development Institute (BDI)
BRAC University
Mohakhali, Dhaka

Submitted by:
BRAC University
Dept: BDI, Roll: 08262013
Semester: Spring 2011

Submission date: APRIL 09, 2011

ADPAnnual Development Programme
BCHWs Basic Community Health Workers
CBConfidence Building
CE Community Empowerment
CFCommunity Facilitator
CHT Chittagong Hill Tracts
CHTDBChittagong Hill Tracts Development Board
CHTDFChittagong Hill Tracts Development Facility
DEXDirect Execution Project
DMO District Medical Officer
DPFC District Project Facilitation Committee
ECEuropean Commission
EOP Economic Opportunities
EPI Expanded Programme for Immunization
FGDs Focus Group Discussions
GOBGovernment of Bangladesh
ICB Institutional Capacity Building
INGO International Non Government Organization
JSSJana Sanghati Somiti
LCGLocal Consultative Group
LGICB Local Governance and Institutional Capacity Building
MHFP Ministry of Health and Family Planning
MoCHTA Ministry of CHT Affairs
NUNVS National United Nations Volunteer
PDC Para Development Committee
PPDProject Planning Document
PNGO Partner Non Government Organization
QIF Quick Impact Fund
RCC Regional Coordination Committee
RWI Region Wide Initiative
SMCSchool Management Committee
TOR Terms of Reference
TSR Technical Status Report
UNDP United…...

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