A Small Place

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“A Small Place”

In “A Small Place”, by Jamaica Kincaid, Kincaid reveals the native’s side on tourism. The essay is written in a second point of view and the reader is addressed directly in the essay. Kincaid places the reader in the shoes of the tourist, and tells the tourist what she would see through her travels on the island. In fact, the reader is a tourist in Antigua. Kincaid makes a connection in her essay that leaves the audience with an understanding of the corruption that goes on in the island of Antigua and how that relates to the negative view Kincaid has of tourists. Kincaid begins the essay by telling the beautiful sights and scenes Antigua has to offer. However, as the essay progresses the reader finds out how atrocious of a place Antigua is. For example, the schools are even unrecognizable: “You pass a building in a sea of dust and you think, It’s some latrines for people just passing by, but when you look again you see the building has written on it PIGLOTT’S SCHOOL”(Kincaid 1225). This is an example Kincaid uses to show how poor of a place Antigua is. This essay is written with many purposes in mind but the most important one is to change the tourists’ treatment and view of the locals. In order to make her point, Kincaid creates a feeling of compassion for the natives and instills a feeling of guilt in the tourists. Although, I think she is successful in creating sympathy for the natives, I do not think that she is successful in changing the behaviors of the tourists.

One of her main focuses in this essay is tourism and how tourism has impacted Antigua. She expresses her disgust through both a moral depiction as well as a physical one of tourists. For example, she discusses how the vain tourists are excited to see clear skies and no rain and are indifferent to the native people’s struggle with drought. Additionally, she comments on the…...

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