A Two Phase Study on the Usage, Attitude and Image of Silver Jewelry

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I. Title: Lining Our Silver Box: A Two Phase Study on the Usage, Attitude and Image of Silver Jewelry
II. Background of the Study Sterling silver is a material commonly used in making hand-crafted jewelry. It is a silver-alloy made up of 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals. Sterling silver jewelry is a popular accessory choice among thrifty shoppers who wish to look stylish and trendy. Buyers of sterling silver jewelry can replicate their favorite accessory trends, look and feel stylishly classy, while only paying a fraction of the cost of genuine silver, gold, or platinum. Silver Box started out in 2006 as a small humble company with a mission to design, execute, and distribute sterling silver jewelry creations of best value to Filipinos all over the country. From its initial launch at a Christmas bazaar, the small business has come far, branching out all around the metro. Despite its initial success and the rising demand for silver, Silver Box’s sales have declined. The company needs to have a clearer vision of what target market it is capable of achieving. In addition, Silver Box currently does not subscribe to any particular marketing strategy. For these reasons, this paper aims to conduct a thorough research on the consumers of sterling silver in order to find the appropriate market segments, brand strategies, and plans of action for Silver Box to reach a higher level of profitability.
III. Objectives A. To identify the appropriate target market of Silver Box; B. To determine the market positioning and brand message of Silver Box; C. To determine the distribution channels of Silver Box; D. To gather insights and understanding of the target market; E. To gain understanding on the competitive dynamics; and F. To provide recommendations for Silver Box based on the research.

IV. Review of Related Literature…...

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