A Walk over the Fence

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A Walk Over The Fence.
By Colin Moore.

“Read this and sign it’ The section commander mumbled to me.
I had noticed him moving from man to man offering the unofficial looking document for inspection. I knew what it was, as did every one else.
I took the sheet of paper from him and moved my eyes down the list of names until I found mine, next to it I scribbled my signature and read what was written, then handed it back.
‘ O group 1400 hrs’. Said the section commander and then he moved off and out of the tent.
The paper was a warning order informing the platoon that we were to cross the fence and move by foot to set an ambush at a yet to be disclosed position, full details would be given at the 1400 O group.
I had only been with this platoon a week and I still didn’t know any one, pretty much the outsider. In all I’d been in this army for four and a half months, four months basic training then posted to this combat unit I had served once before in another army in another place and another time but had never been in combat. What lay ahead of me was now untried ground and I was scared. Scared of dying or being wounded but most of all scared of letting down the platoon, these men who didn’t know me, and who I didn’t know.
The O group was brief; everyone already knew what they were doing and what was their role in the mission, so every one was preparing gear and collecting ammunition and expendables.
By this time I was shit scared; all this was becoming way too real. For the first time I was going face to face with an enemy that hated me and could kill me in any way he wanted, without punishment. The thought is most daunting it started to bare down on me like a steamroller. My assault partner and section 2ic Ami noticed my distress.
‘Hey Courtney don’t let it get to you’, he said ‘think about something else, cast the fear to one side and focus on the job, if…...

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