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Management Behavior
Human Capital Management / 531
University of Phoenix
April 05, 2010

To: Supervisor Manager
From: Sales Manager
Date: April 5, 2010
Subject: EnviroTech Merger - Management Behavior

In reference to our upcoming merger with EnviroTech, and as all of you know, InterClean, Inc. has officially acquired EnviroTech, one of our four major domestic competitors in the corporate market. Over the next four months, about 60 of EnviroTech staff and operations specialists will be merged into our company’s structure. Therefore, I would like to discuss some potential challenges we my face in the future. These obstacles, no matter the number, can be easily avoided if with arm ourselves with the knowledge to recognize and overcome them.
I think we can all agree that the way a manager behaves, will have a direct effect on our employees. It is very important now more than ever that we create an environment where employees are productive, due to the leadership of our mangers. Therefore I encourage all of us to be aware of our communication skills. This will be were the battle will be won or lost. With effective communication skills, we can encourage and reward our employees for their hard work, but also criticize them in the same sentence if we are not careful. In order for us to avoid this mistake, we must be aware that these are diverse times, and especially in today’s workforce were most likely the majority of us come from different ethnic and racial backgrounds. Whatever the situation may be, we need to maintain our professionalism and our ability to adapt to change. Be sure to work with employees and explain in detail what is required from them, let’s try and get a feel for what this transition is like to them, and with a little compassion we can satisfy our tendencies to overreact. Trust is something we all aspire in building, but obtaining…...

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