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Gun is a weapon that can be used to reduce crime or violence, but can be used to perpetuate, violence and crime. It is true that guns do not do true shooting percentage: People do shoot. It is the person who owns the gun and injuries; we should be worried about intentions. The pride of a man with a gun, so that he or she can actually impose his or her will upon others. This aspect is what is dangerous to legalize guns, because guns are in the hands of the wrong people, crime and violence settings. I do not think people should be able to own a firearm possession of a firearm, because it will cause more problems than it solves. It has been proven time and time again to enjoy strict gun laws and low rates of violent crime country. In addition, people who own guns to protect often due to the accidental killing of their friends and family, and the children often have loaded guns, they found that playing at home, accidentally. People say, "When the gun ban only outlaws will have guns," but while in Japan and other countries, criminals have guns, they usually only use them fight among themselves. Ordinary citizens’ gun deaths are extremely rare. There is no reason to have a gun when you have a police force and army. The second revision of the constitution, there is no police force and no standing army. We do not need a second amendment right now. "Constitution" expressly provides that possession of a firearm in the United States is intended to enable the public to form a militia. We do not need to form a militia! We have to police and military forces. The Constitution does not for any other purpose, rather than forming a militia weapons to protect ownership. In addition, traditional hunting and self-defence argument is outdated (hunting) and misleading (self-defence). There is a example from a news is on October 22 The Government will not consider the country's citizens…...

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