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Answer the following questions in a nicely written essay format. It needs to include coherent sentences, with correct spelling / punctuation / grammar etc…

This assignment will be worth 25 points.

1. How has your view of health insurance changed from before you watched the movie to after? Explain fully and in detail.
2. If you were in John Q’s situation, would you have done the same thing? WHY or WHY NOT?
3. Is there anything that John Q. could have done to prevent this situation from escalating to this magnitude?
4. Use your notes and pick at least 3 terms from the insurance unit and use those to explain John Q’s dilemma.

Mini – Rubric

| |1 |2 |3 |4 |5 |
|Answered Question # 1 thoughtfully and completely. Answer was detailed and was evident that an attempt was made to critically analyze your view of health| | | | | |
|insurance before and after the movie. | | | | | |
|Answered Question # 2 thoughtfully and completely. Answer was detailed and was evident that an attempt was made to take one side or the other. Also an | | | | | |
|explanation of WHY or WHY NOT was given. | | | | | |
|Answered Question # 3 thoughtfully and completely. Answer was detailed and was evident that an attempt was made to analyze other option for John Q., in | |…...

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