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In many instances fraternities are limited to male membership such as the Dutch “Alpinisten Vereniging Gelderlan Midden” but this is not always the case, and there is mixed male and female, and even wholly female, fraternities for example, for general fraternities: The Grande Loge Mixte De France, The Honorable Fraternity of Ancient Freemasons, The Grande Loge Féminine de France, the various Order of Odd Fellows, and The Order of the Eastern Star.

Fraternities can be organized for many purposes, including university education, work skills, ethics, ethnicity, religion, politics, charity, chivalry, other standards of personal conducts, asceticism, service, performing arts, family command of territory, and even crime. The is almost always an explicit goal of mutual support, and while there have been fraternal orders for the well-off there also have been many fraternities for those in the lower ranks of society, especially for national or religious minorities. Trade unions also grew out of fraternities such as “The Knights of Labors”.

The ability to organize freely, apart from the institutions of government and religion, was a fundamental part and the establishment of the modern world. In living the Enlightenment, Margaret C. Jacobs showed the development of Jurgen Habermas’ “public space” in the 17th century Netherlands was closely related was closely related to the establishment of Lodges of Freemasons.


* What are the reasons why students join fraternity?

* What are the advantages and disadvantages of joining fraternity?

* What are the fraternities’ influence on social civic awareness among the
AB Political Science students in
Western Mindanao State University?

* What are the new evidences on the effects of Fraternity and Sorority affiliation?

* Is Fraternity and Sorority membership right for you?

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