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The Academic Word List

This list was developed by AverilCoxhead at the School of Linguistics and Applied
Language Studies at Victoria University of Wellington and contains 570 word families, which represent the most common words used in academic texts. The list does not include words that are in the most frequent 2000 words of English.
The Academic Word List contains the most frequent words used in word families listed by Sublist. Sublist 1 contains the most frequent words in the Academic corpus.
Sublist 2 contains the second most frequent words, and so forth up to Sublist 10 which contains the least frequent words of the list.

SUBLIST 1 analysis
n. 分析;分解;验定
[ 复数analyses ]
My speech started with the situation analysis.

n. 方法;途径;接近 vt. 接近;着手处理 vi. 靠近 an approach to
approach with

When I approached, they grew silent.

n. 区域,地区;面积;范围
There is a new area on reverse logistics.

assessment n. 评定;估价
There is little assessment of the damage to the natural environment.

assume vt. 承担;假定;采取;呈现 vi. 装腔作势;多管闲事 Mr. Cross will assume the role of CEO with a team of four directors.

authority n. 权威;权力;当局
A family member in a family business has a position of authority and power.

available adj. 有效的;可利用的;空闲的 available for 可用于…的;对…有效的;能参加…的 available on 仅在…有效(付款) available from 可向…购买 available with 向(指定银行)押汇 Mr. Leach is on holiday and was not available for comment.

n. 利益,好处;救济金 vt. 有益于,对…有益 vi. 受益,得益 benefit from
mutual benefit 互惠互利 for the benefit of 为…的利益 The modest receive benefit, while the conceited reap failure.
谦受益, 满招损。 concept n. 观念,概念
A small baby has no concept of right…...

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