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What is College for?
What is College for? There are many answers to this question. I feel college is for people that want to succeed in life. You can be in any wage bracket, depending on what you’re majoring in. For example, you can go to school to be a doctor or a registered nurse. We all know doctors make more than a RN, so a doctor is in a higher wage bracket than a RN. As a student, you have the choice to be whatever you want to be. You might be in a major you like and end up changing majors because you found a major you like better.
The first school I enrolled in was Central Carolina Tech in 1995. My major was Machine Tool Technology. My job paid 80% of my tuition, as long as it dealt with the job. I applied for a job in the Tool Room, but they didn’t want to hire me. I looked at getting employment elsewhere, but needed at least 2 years experience. So, after receiving my Associates Degree in Machine Tool Technology, I enrolled a second time in an Industrial Maintenance program. After getting my Associates Degree in Industrial Maintenance, I applied for a Maintenance helper position which I received soon after. I held the position for a year and tried to get a regular Maintenance position, but they did not want to hire me. I then signed up for a Die Bench Tech position, which I held for a year. I then decided to enlist into the US Army as a Machinist to gain experience within the civilian world. After serving 5 years in the Army, I decided to go overseas to work as a Machinist. I held the position of machinist for one year in Iraq. Upon my return to the US, I lost interest in machine tool work. I then made the decision to use my GI Bill to learn a trade at Savannah Tech. As a result, I enrolled into the Auto Collision Program…...

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