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A) This weaknesses in internal control over cash disbursements is the many people who have access to the un-issued checks. The checks should be in a vault or safe with restricted access and only authorized personnel with access. Another weakness in internal control over cash disbursements is that the Idaho Company uses checks that are not pre-numbered. Idaho’s Company should use checks that are numbered as well as imprinted with the amount in inedible ink. This can cause some major errors in a company because there is no way to track for any missing checks, or to know if a previous check was written with out knowledge. Another weakness is that there is one person who approve item payments, pay and record items and this should be distributed to different individual to ensure accuracy.

To: Melissa Weigl
From: Cassandra Gloria
CC: Idaho Company
Date: 1/31/2010
Re: Internal Cash Control Idaho Company has done well in the internal cash control, although there were some areas I have come to analyze that need improvements. The first improvement I will suggest is that the checks become pre- numbered, and with approved invoice. This is important in a company because the checks that are being distributed need to be able to be tracked. The company should also imprint the checks with inedible ink to avoid an unauthorized personnel to change the amount. Un-issued checks should also be placed in a secured vault or safe with restricted access to ensure that only authorized personnel has access. An important improvement that could be made is the assigning of duties should be spread out to different individuals to help avoid any inaccuracies that could made with just one individuals. The internal cash control in the Idaho Company is a great company with high expectations, and I believe with these few improvements we can reach higher superiority.


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