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Introduction to Microsoft Access 2003
Zhi Liu School of Information Fall/2006

Introduction and Objectives
Microsoft Access 2003 is a powerful, yet easy to learn, relational database application for Microsoft Windows. This tutorial is designed for users who are new or only have little experience using Access 2003. It introduces fundamental database concepts and operations and illustrates how they are performed in Microsoft Access 2003. This tutorial does not cover all of the features and functions of Microsoft Access 2003; emphasis will be on basic and frequently-used features, such as the creation of tables and queries, or importing spreadsheet into Access. Please be aware that Microsoft Access is only available for Windows users; Mac users may want to seek out a FileMaker Pro Tutorial.

By using this tutorial, you will learn to perform the following operations in Access 2003: • • • • • • Launch Access and identify the parts of the screen. Define fields and field properties constructing table structures. Enter and edit records in a table. Find, sort data. Design custom queries to display data. Import and export data between Excel and Access.

These words are used often in Access so you will want to become familiar with them before using the program and this tutorial. Relational Database: in relational databases such as Access, data is stored in tables made up of one or more fields (Access calls a column a field). The data stored in each


column must be of a single data type such as Character, Number or Date. A collection of values from each column of a table is called a record or a row in the table. Different tables can have the same column in common. This feature is used to explicitly specify a relationship between two tables. Values appearing in column A in one table are shared with another table Table: tables are the main…...

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