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General Journal Pro-forma

|Date |Details |Debit |Credit |
|June 30 |Electricity Expense |420 | |
|(a) | Electricity Payable | |420 |
| |(Adjusting entry to record electricity expense payable for quarter ending 30| | |
| |June 2012) | | |
| | | | |
|June 30 |Owner of Swindon’s Drawings |180 | |
|(b) | Cash at Bank | |180 |
| |(Adjusting entry to record drawing of cash by the owner to pay a personal | | |
| |phone bill) | | |
| | | | |
|June 30 |Bad Debts Expense |10,500 | |
|(c) | Allowance for Doubtful Debts | |10,500 |…...

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