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“I’m sorry, Lucy. That’s the way it is.” Ricardo Rikey said. “I just don’t know if I can go along with it, Rikey.” “We have no choice. Juggyfroot is our biggest client, Lucy. They’ve warned us that they will put the engagement up for bid if we refuse to go along with the reclassification of marketable securities.” “Have you spoken to Fred and Ethel about this?” Lucy asked. “Are you kidding? They’re the ones who made the decision to go along with Juggyfroot,” Rikey responded. The previous scene took place in the office of Deziloo LLP, a large CPA firm in Beverly Hills, California. Lucy Spheroid is the partner on the engagement of Juggyfroot, a global manufacturer of pots and pans. Ricardo Rikey is the managing partner of the office. Fred and Ethel are the two members of the firm that make final judgments on difficult accounting issues especially when there is a difference of opinion with the client. All four are CPAs. Ricardo Rikey is preparing for a meeting with Norman Baitz, the CEO of Juggyfroot. Rikey knows that the company expects to borrow $5,000,000 next quarter and it wants to put the best face possible on its financial statements to impress the banks. That would explain why the company had reclassified a $2,000,000 market loss on a trading investment to the available-for-sale category so that the “loss” would now show up in stockholder’s equity and not as a charge against current income. The result was to increase earnings in 2010 earnings by 8 percent. Rikey also knows that without the change, the earnings would have declined by 2 percent and the company’s stock price would have taken a hit. In the meeting, Rikey points out to Baitz that the investment in question was made in an affiliate company that Juggyfroot had owned for six years. Rikey adds there is no justification under generally accepted…...

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...Ethics in Accounting By Pace University – New York Accounting for Decision Making, MBA 640 Fall 2011 Required Research Paper Page 1 of 11 Table of Contents Number Content Page Number 1 Introduction 3 2 Ethics in Accounting 4 3 Enron Scandal 6 4 Satyam Scandal 8 5 Conclusion 10 6 References 11 Page 2 of 11 Introduction • What is “Ethics”? Ethics, also known as moral philosophy, is a branch of philosophy that addresses questions about morality—that is, concepts such as good and evil, right and wrong, virtue and vice, justice and crime, etc. Source: • What is “Accounting”? Accounting is basically maintaining and providing records of transfer of funds for an individual or business. All the data collected from these records are then summarized in form of reports and statements, which are used by outside parties and the company itself for various uses and analysis. Source: Page 3 of 11 Ethics in Accounting With many scandals and scams coming out regarding the unethical behavior of firms in terms of Business and accounting, higher authorities in governments across the globe are worried. These scams are disturbing and damaging the economy at large. When the economy is already sliding down, governments have started taking extra care and strict rules are being applied to control the......

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...Ethics is more than simply the pursuit of goods; is also about fidelity to ethically acceptable relationships. A crucial relationship is that of a professional towards his or her client. Because accounting is a skill that demands expertise, and because accountants have clients’ who depend on that expertise, accounting can be included among the professions. Accounting ethics in the field of accounting refers to the guidelines (consisting of judgments and moral values) that a professional needs to follow while practicing accounting. People using the service of accounting professionals rely on their professional competency to take decisions and in the process also relies on the ethics followed by them. Roles an Accountant can fulfill Although accountant’s primary purpose is to present a picture of an organization’s financial affairs, accountants play many other roles: 1) Auditing- the most important role is the role of an independent accountant (auditor). The auditors function is that the organizations estimate are based on formulas and those formulas are applied consistently year to year- thus to ensure reasonable and consistent application. 2) Managerial Accounting- In house role of accountant is to give most accurate picture of the organizations economic state so that company can flourish. The account’s main responsibility is to the company, but if the companies’ board, managers and share-holders are at cross purpose, the accountant is conflicted. This conflict forms the......

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...Ethics in Accounting and the Fall of WorldCom Alison Painter Breeden Juanita S. Edwards, CPA ACC 557: Financial Accounting 23 January 2013 Ethics in Accounting and the Fall of WorldCom In 2002, WorldCom was the second largest telecommunications company in the United States, but because of management failures and an unethical accounting culture it went bankrupt. This paper contains a discussion describing corporate ethics currently used in business; WorldCom's background, and the ethical breach; how WorldCom's ethical issue was discovered, describing how management failed to create an ethical environment; and recommendations. A conclusion summarizes the paper. Corporate Ethics If a company is driven by its responsibility to its Shareholders, then it should base its decisions and actions on the best interests of the owners, and generate more profit. If the company is stake-holder driven then its decisions and actions should be based on what is in the best interest of those impacted by the business (Gruble, 2011). Gruble (2011) further argued that "The most widely accepted definition for business ethics says that it is a set of corporate values and codes of principles, which may be written or unwritten, by which a company evaluates its actions and business-related decisions.” WorldCom was a company driven by its responsibility to its shareholders to the point where it began to behave unethically and this ultimately led to its demise. WorldCom History......

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...A Review of Accounting Ethics Morals and ethics go hand-in-hand, and in the workplace operating an ethical and moral organization is contingent not only on how the administration of the company behaves, but also its personnel (Bush, 2013). How they interact with each other and with customers should be an everyday concern in every aspect of their business (Brown, 2013). Unfortunately, many organizations have been in the news due to accounting ethical breaches. Most of these ethical breaches have affected their customers, employees, and the general public. Though regulation has been increased to prevent continual corporate ethical breaches I believe there is still plenty of room for error; human error that is. In the corporate world making decisions is a part of everyday business and making the most of these decisions is important because they affect both the company and the people who work for it (Brown, 2013). Striving to maintain ethical and moral decision-making skills is vital. All great businesses should have a clear set of organizational goals and policies, particularly when it comes to morals and ethics (Bush, 2013). Honesty plays a very significant role in morals and ethics. Every person in the organization has to hold him or herself to a high personal level of integrity. Consequently, incorporating policies that will support a high level of integrity also helps to administer how your company operates. An organization must cultivate standards of integrity for their...

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...Ethics and Accounting In the professional field of accounting there are vast opportunities that accountants are faced with every day in regards to ethics. Accountants are given the position to maintain the financial status of businesses as well as individuals. Businesses hire accountants to keep accurate financial records so that the business has the opportunity to provide goods and services to consumer. These financial records are important to promote healthy business decisions. If a company is not able to maintain proper financial records of income and expenditures the company has little chance of surviving. This is the purpose behind accounting. Accounting as defined is the system of recording and summarizing business and financial transactions and analyzing, verifying, and reporting the results (Merriam-Webster, 2013). This amount of control opens the door for opportunities of producing financial records that can be fraudulent and unethical. Since the turn of the century, into the 2000’s, there have been numerous scandals that have rocked the finance world. Most notably the Enron scandal has been the most widely publicized accounting scandal. Enron was a multi-billion dollar corporation supplying energy sources in the United States. Fraud, false reporting of revenues, and poor accounting eventually caused the collapse of this powerful corporation and the loss of thousands of jobs (Raver, 2006). The collapse of this energy giant prompted Congress to pass......

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...Ethics of Accounting Ethics of Accounting In my essay I will talk about the effect of the Sarbanes Act of 2002 also known as (SOX) that lead to unethical and behavior problems in accounting. This law was passed in June of 2002 by Congress which has helped many companies from having major downfalls within and other employees because of the unethical practices. There are many bad practices and unethical behavior to make their company look better than others. Companies may mess with numbers in their books to look more profitable to a competitor and just because a company may have more customers does not always mean that they have more money. Many businesses will focus on short term and not the long term outlook. The company that I work for focuses on long term which they set goals each year to reach the target of sales. If they do not reach their target they will restructure in the areas that need work. By lying only makes a company look bad in the end because there are now many ways to catch a business lying about their profits. Audits now take place to catch these bad ethics that go on with in the company. So the question is why? Why would companies do this? They will get caught maybe not now but somewhere down the line number and financial statements will not add up and stop misrepresenting data. One company that made headline was Enron how they had bad ethical practice was that they covered up billions of dollars of debt. How they were able to do this was work......

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...Accounting Ethics Accounting ethics is primarily a field of professional ethics, the study of moral values and judgements which are applied to the accountancy. “Accounting ethics can be defined as a set of distinct guidelines for a business to maintain clean balance sheets, accounting for their profits, losses and expenses incurred and prevent it from mishandling financial reports and statements” (Buzzle 2011). The nature of the work carried out by accountants and auditors requires a high level of ethics. Shareholders, investors, managers, and other users of the financial reports rely heavily on the financial statements of a company in order to make some big decisions and investments. And in the current business world, due to more and more business frauds and corporate collapses came out, attention has been drawn to ethical standards accepted within the accounting profession. In China, I often heard about that many companies act in some immoral ways, for example, preparing three books, overstating/understating their assets or net income, overstating the cost of inventory, and so on. The companies which misstate or hide some financial information may bring some substantial benefits to them in a temporary short time. This is the most obvious reason for the accounting frauds. As far as I know, preparing three books is the most common problem in many small companies. When they want to get a loan from the bank in order to make new investments or enlarge the......

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...Accounting Ethics 2 1. Given the corporate ethical breaches in recent times, assess whether or not you believe that the current business and regulatory environment is more conducive to ethical behavior. The ethical breaches in recent times, Weygandt, Kimel, Kieso( 2012) researched that “financial press open full articles and documents facts about financial scandals at Enron, WorldCom, HealthSouth, AIG, Adelphia Communication and Cable and more. As the scandal came to light people did not play the stock market if they believe that the stock prices were rigged.” Weygandt, Kimel, Kieso (2012) researched that; “the United States government regulators and lawmakers were very concerned that the economy would suffers if investors lost confidence in corporate accounting because of unethical financial reporting. In response, Congress passed the Sarbanes-Oxley it is intent is to reduce unethical corporate behavior and decrease the likelihood of future corporate scandals. As a result of SOX, top management must now certify the accuracy of financial information. In addition, penalties for fraudulent financial activity are much more severe. SOX increased the independence of the outside auditors who review the accuracy of corporate financial statements and increased the oversights role of boards of directors. The effective financial reporting depends on sound ethical......

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...Accounting Ethics This paper will discuss the public perception of CPAs in today's society, pitfalls that they may encounter, methods to prevent some of these negative behaviors and consequences they may face should they fall short. Most "Who Do You Trust?" surveys rank politicians, lawyers and used car salesmen at the bottom and certified public accountants at the top. That is because the CPA profession has a squeaky clean image--anal-retentive little wimps who wear thick glasses and cannot get a date. CPAs are known and respected for their honesty. The profession that goes out of its way to project that image, and there is a certain amount of truth to it. Not all accountants are anal-retentive little wimps who cannot get a date. Many of them are quite articulate. Some are quite lovely. In some schools, more than half of the accounting majors are women. Also, not all CPAs are squeaky clean and respected for their honesty. Some are quite dishonest and are putting a black mark on the image of the entire profession. There is one area where the CPA profession has fallen short of protecting the public interest. The general duty that accountants owe to their clients and the other persons who are affected by their actions is to "exercise the skill and care of the ordinarily prudent accountant" in the same circumstances. Two elements compose the general duty of performance: skill and care. Another element and responsibility is owed to clients and other persons,......

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...Sustainability and Ethics in Accounting : Waste Management Inc. Accounting Fraud The Business Dictionary defines "ethics" as the basic concepts and fundamental principles of decent human conduct. Most definitions agree with this one ; however, these principles are subject to personal and societal points of view that might differ depending on the context and individuals. Due to this subjectivity, codes of conduct have been created to ensure the application of discipline and morality not only personally but also profesionally. In the world of business, the decency of businessmen is constantly questioned as a result of worldwide scandals that have highlighted the lack of ethical standards and the breach of codes of conducts in numerous corporations. Specifically, accountants are often accused of poor financial management and fraud. Among the different cases of accounting malpractice, the Waste Management Inc. hoax is one of the most famous ones and it is usually used as an example to illustrate the decay of values in some of the biggest, most powerful entreprises. In 1968, Waste Management Inc. was founded by entrepreneurs Wayne Huizenga, Dean Buntrock and Larry Beck to provide waste and environmental services such as recycling, hazardous material collection, hauling, treatment and disposal of garbage. The company owns 26,000 collection and transfer vehicles and along with its competitor Republic Services, Inc. it handles more than half of the trash collection in the......

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...Cody McKee Dr. Coleman BU 210 October 16, 2015 Ethics and Accounting One of largest problems facing the accounting profession today is the loss of respect that faces accountants in light of recent accounting scandals. In order to regain lost respect in the accounting profession an accountant must have integrity and ethics that are above and beyond the normal. This fact is true whether the accountant works for a business entity or for a government entity. In either situation the accountant is responsible for remaining steadfast, not only in professional behavior, but in personal behavior as well. In recent years, accountants have come under fire by the general public for unethical decisions, a reputation that, although only a few individual accountants were guilty, the entire profession was found guilty of, in the court of public opinion. Romans 12:2 God says, “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.”(Romans 12:2, ESV) This verse helps remind me every day to do everything as the Lord says. When he calls on you to step forward do so with pride and confidence. Now, the accounting profession must be far more diligent in governing themselves, and in assuring those dependent upon their decisions, that they are above reproach. This is especially true of those accountants responsible for government funds, which can be scrutinized by the...

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...Accounting ethics is primarily a field of applied ethics and is part ofbusiness ethics and human ethics, the study of moral values and judgments as they apply to accountancy. It is an example of professional ethics. Accounting introduced by Luca Pacioli, and later expanded by government groups, professional organizations, and independent companies. Ethics are taught in accounting courses at higher education institutions as well as by companies training accountants and auditors. Due to the diverse range of accounting services and recent corporate collapses, attention has been drawn to ethical standards accepted within the accounting profession.[2] These collapses have resulted in a widespread disregard for the reputation of the accounting profession.[3] To combat the criticism and prevent fraudulent accounting, various accounting organizations and governments have developed regulations and remedies for improved ethics among the accounting profession. ------------------------------------------------- Importance of ethics The nature of the work carried out by accountants and auditors requires a high level of ethics. Shareholders, potential shareholders, and other users of the financial statements rely heavily on the yearly financial statements of a company as they can use this information to make an informed decision about investment.[4] They rely on the opinion of the accountants who prepared the statements, as well as the auditors that verified it, to present a true and......

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