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First and foremost, I would like to give thanks to God for all of his everlasting blessings. I would also like to thank ACE American Industries for this wonderful opportunity to participate in such a gracious and beneficial program for the sake of our children. Thank you and God bless. My name is Merton M. Hunkin. I am a parent of 3 beautiful children that attend the Aua Elementary School. I am also the current president of the Parent Teacher Association. When I first took office, I immediately performed an inspection on the school. Upon the completion of my inspection, I knew that I had my hands full because there were so many problems within the school that needed immediate attention. Once I identified the issues and problems that needed to be fixed, I immediately began to search for answers. I have been in and out of the D.O.E. headquarters seeking help. Unfortunately, there is not enough funding. We have also requested assistance from our adopted government agencies. Unfortunately for us, this means of support has come to a stalemate. The problems that currently exist in Aua Elementary School are just too overwhelming for us to repair in a timely manner without any financial assistance. We have tried fundraising, but unfortunately the money that we have raised so far is nowhere near enough to make the repairs needed. So when I heard of the ACE Helpful Hands Program, I knew for a fact that this is an opportunity that I absolutely cannot afford to let slip by. Here are the issues and problems that we critically need assistance with and why we need a new face:
• We have a major shortage of chairs and tables. So many of our students have to sit on the floor while in school. It is estimated that we will need approximately 30 folding tables and 150 chairs to accommodate some of our students that have to sit on the floor…...

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