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In preparation for meetings or projects, there are various program planning models that can be used to assist decision makers depending on the goals of the program. These models have greatly helped leaders as the outcomes have benefited from careful planning. As decision-makers have gained great amounts of knowledge and experience, I have experience that collaboration within a group can be best effective when these factors are used. This allows different perspectives to be realized and produce a more professional product. Continuous quality improvement does not just happen, it has to be planned and managed using tools such as PDCA and DMAIC. If you want to be better than your competitors and to flourish as a business then you must ensure that business processes are continually improved (Liesener). In order to do this action plans need to be developed. For many employees, experienced or less experienced, the variety of problem-solving approaches for action plans can get confusing. But there are not so many differences between these approaches, as you could expect. All differences are depending only on the type of problem, which has to be solved. Various problem-solving approaches like PDCA and DMAIC can be sorted in the following categories (Liesener):
1. Is it a small, medium or large sized problem you want to solve and is the solution of the problem unknown?
2. Does your problem solving strategy follow a continuous improvement process or do you want solve a single problem (e.g. a customer complaint)?

What do these approaches have in common? They follow a scientific and methodic way to solve the problem. In addition to that, the different phases in each approach can be mapped to the phases of the others.
The PDSA-Cycle is the classic problem-solving approach in a LEAN environment. PDCA is used for medium sized problems and the Act-phase…...

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