Addressing Challenges of Groups and Teams

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Addressing Challenges of Groups and Teams
Lacy Williams
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Lois Mason
April 15, 2012

Addressing Challenges of Groups and Teams Desert Communications Incorporated is a major wireless telecommunications organization experiencing a decline in net profit. This decrease is attributed to a change in the communications industry and a decline in the demand of communication products. Desert is beginning a strategic movement to reallocate its resources to capitalize on the added communication services in the industry. A team has been assigned to integrate strategies that will help generate the profit needed in regard to its call center. Contained in this paper is the strategic plan created by the team to aid in team and management collaboration, training programs, and tactics in identifying and minimizing conflict within teams.
Presenting the Operational Change Before the team creates a strategic plan, management should not inform employees of the change because this may create problems among the employees. They may think jobs are at risk or the company is closing. After the plan is created, management should provide employees with details of the plan that affect them. These details will include the organization’s mission, how it intends to fulfill that mission, and the plan to train employees and provide them with the tools needed to perform effectively their tasks during and after the operational change.
Training of Multiple Audiences Training provides education, raises awareness, opportunities to prevent fraud, improve ethical practices, and increases short and long-term company profits. The training plan is designed to maintain the following principles (Robbins & Judge, 2011): • Training goal – training managers will design curricula to help achieve effective communication, collaboration, and conflict management…...

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