Addressing Challenges of Groups and Teams Paper

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Addressing Challenges of Groups and Teams Paper
Training can provide unique opportunities for organizations to prevent fraud and improve ethical practices among employees. Training can help to educate, raise awareness, and increase short and long-term company profits. WorldCom was a classic example of failed corporate governance, accounting abuses, and plain greed that could have been prevented through appropriate management and employee training. This paper will provide an example of a training plan that could have helped prevent the demise of WorldCom.
Developing a Training Plan To increase the effectiveness of employees toward the achievement of business goals, it is essential to put a training plan in place that will enhance communication, group collaboration, and conflict management. A well designed training plan would display the same basic training module but with more organizational specificity on the topic to be addressed. The training plan is therefore designed to maintain the following fundamental principles. a) Training Goal: The desire to achieve results in effective communication, collaboration, and conflict management from employees to include an understanding of the expectation of ethical behavior. A training manager shall be responsible for designing a curriculum that would address the challenges and benefits of these components within a reasonable time frame. b) Learning Objective: At the end of the training the expectation will be, employees will understand and exhibit skills in effective communication, the need for collaboration in maintaining understanding with one another and exhibit skills in conflict management and resolution. c) Learning Methods: Employees will be expected to complete three sessions, each of which will deal with effective communication, group collaboration and conflict management to include…...

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