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Story 1 Paddle
Kink 2.5
Amy is deeply submissive and will do what Sir wishes, and when he invites her out a week before Valentine’s Day she has no idea what dinner will bring.
While this story had a great theme to it, it just fell flat for me. There was very little emotional connection between the two leads to the story. Mr. Wood tried to weave a story that had all of the wonderful kinky things that I love but “Sir” just seems to cold and unemotional towards Amy and it left me scratching my head as to why he would even go to the trouble of setting up the dinner the story revolved around.
There is lots of kinky pieces to this story that just did not seem to flow together as well as I would of liked. It is short story that had spankings, some MFM and FF action, voyeurism, and the most difficult one for me to read was the massive amount humiliation Sir used towards Amy. There was very little after care and this just made me want to get angry with them both. While the story does only comprise of one encounter between Amy and Sir, there is just to much missing for this to be a believable, even in the context of fantasy, match.
If you enjoy humiliation with a side of voyeurism then you may enjoy this book, but if you like any sort of emotional connection I would skip over this…...

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