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Advanced research | Tenable Nessus Security Center | Executive Proposal | | James Ellis | 2/21/2015 |

[ The following proposal will outline an effective solution for Advanced Research to incorporate in their security audits and assessments. ] |

Executive Summary Security testing software is a very important entity for many organizations as it provides security to a company’s network by identifying and testing vulnerabilities before potential hackers can exploit them. Advanced Research has been the victim of cybercriminal efforts to take intellectual assets and sell it to their competitors. It is assumed that our network of corporate documents has been infiltrated by illegal sources more than once. The amount of malware being released to the Internet and infiltrating corporate networks is escalating at an alarming, exponential pace that is doubling every year, (Kaspersky, 2014). Even more disconcerting is that in spite of software vendors efforts to provide patches for vulnerabilities in an expeditious manner as they are discovered, the number of vulnerabilities discovered on existing systems has also increased exponentially, (Kaspersky, 2014). In addition, over 41% of all computers connected to a network were attacked at least once, and this number does not account for the number of attacks to Android mobile devices for which over 98% of all malware is designed to attack, (Kaspersky, 2014). The following is a plan for implementation and purchase of the Tenable Network Security Center for the protection of Advanced Research. The Tenable Network Security Center addresses penetrations by testing essential components within the infrastructure. This solution works to identify vulnerabilities and assess weak points in all organizational networks that encounter the cybercrime landscape, by incorporating production of layered security items. This…...

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