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Reflections on Seedfolks by Sukie E. Analyzing a Quote from Amir
"There, you felt a part of a community."{pg.76}. My pull quote basically says that the garden, brings people together to a community. Amir is a character who planted very odd plants such as eggplants and cauliflower. Amir is talking to the reader when he said this. Just before he was telling about chasing a guy who had tried to take a woman's purse . Amir caught the guy with a couple others. He was very surprised. He would not have done this unless he'd been near the garden. This means to Amir that he feels that he is very protective of the vacant lot. I think that this is an important quote to Amir's chapter. I think it means that he felt that he should help people in need around the garden. I feel that this particular quote also makes sense in alot of other chapters. Another piece of text that I think would fit with this one is "feel part of garden almost like family", which is what Sae Young says, another character in the book. I think that text was saying that Sae Young felt close to the garden as well. I think that if the garden wasn't in Amir's life anymore, he would miss it and that it matters to him. In real life I sometimes feel the way Amir feels. I often go to school and do something that I would never do out of school, like call my friends weird names. It matters that the garden keeps going to bring people together and forget about hard things, and to take pleasure in gardening. In my back yard I have carrots, wax beans, and some flowers. My whole family likes to garden.

What I Admire About Leona the Kind One
I admire Leona because she loves people and is outgoing. Leona planted goldenrod in honor of her grandmother. I think that was nice and creative because she loves the tea that can be made out of it. I thought that it was nice when she explained how the garden keeps going when the…...

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