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Subjective Experience to a Survey on
The Psychological Impact of Fly in Fly out (FIFO) Lifestyle

Imagine if you will being in an environment where the vast majority of the people around you have broken marriages, lost access to their children and or money due to the impact of their fly in fly out (FIFO) lifestyle. Over my 5 year FIFO mining career I have heard countless stories from my co-workers of heartbreak and sadness. Based on these real life examples and large subject pool spanning many years in the industry I have developed strong opinions on this particular subject matter. I recently took part in an online survey being conducted at CQU. I perceived the purpose of this survey was to try to find the impact that FIFO lifestyle has on families and relationships. To try and measure FIFO workers levels of life satisfaction as well as their families and how this roster had an impact on emotional wellbeing. After completing the survey I was left feeling unfulfilled and frustrated. The survey to me did not ask questions that allowed me as the participant to give a true account of what I thought was being asked. Even if the survey was not trying to get a depiction of the impact FIFO lifestyle has on families, I still felt it was not in-depth enough to develop an accurate representation of the vital aspects of this lifestyle.

Participating in the study
This survey in my opinion was trying to answer the long asked question of what is the impact of FIFO lifestyle on relationships and psychological wellbeing. The significance of this study has been researched and documented by many others (Sibbel. 2010). The survey started with basic qualitative questions identifying who the participant was. In doing this the participant feels like they are putting their name to something they believe to be important and possibly making a difference. The ability to…...

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