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Approving Afghanistan

The War in Afghanistan, also called the Afghan war, or Enduring Freedom started for the United States on October 7, 2001. The United States went to war because of the attacks on the twin towers on 9/11 and the fact that the leader that orchestrated these attacks, Osama Bin laden, according to Intel, was hiding out there. The goal of this war was to up root the Taliban from power and create a stable democracy, and to hunt Osama Bin Laden down for his crimes against the United States. In this paper I will be elaborating why this war was justified by these reasons; the fact that Al-Qaeda killed and expressly aims to kill U.S. citizens and, the Taliban in Afghanistan have partnered with al-Qaeda, harboring a known United States enemy named Osama Bin Laden, threating other democratic countries of their freedom including their own. The different historical interpretations of the event, and the positive and negative outcomes of this event will be elaborated on also.
On Tuesday morning on September 11 2001, 19 terrorists from the Islamic terrorist group al-Qaeda hijacked four passenger planes. These terrorists intentionally crashed two of these planes in to the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York. Another plane was purposely crashed into the pentagon and one crashed in a field in Pennsylvania. Roughly 3000 people lost their lives that day.
These attacks were a direct attack on the United States. Believed to be behind these attacks was a terrorist named Osama bin Laden. Osama bin Laden was the founder of the group al-Qaeda, the same group behind the attacks on 9/11. He was thought to be hiding in Syria or Afghanistan. Thus with “Operation Enduring Freedom” the United States pledged to liberate the population from the clutched of the Taliban. And with the Taliban out of the way the United States could rebuild Afghanistan…...

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...combat stress. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press. Carroll, A. (2006). Operation homecoming. New York, NY: Random House. Dictionaries, M.-W. (n.d.). Merriam-Webster. Retrieved January 23, 2011, from Merriam-Webster: Ener, J. (2011, January 11). (T. Jackson, Interviewer) Friedman, M. (2006, April). PTSD. American Medical Journal , pp. 586-593. Kaplan, A. (2006, January 1). Hidden combat wounds:extensive, deadly, costly. Retrieved January 23, 2011, from Psychiatric Times: Litz, B. (n.d.). The unique circumstance and mental health impact of the wars in Afganistan and Iraq. Retrieved from PTSD Support January 13, 2011: Tupper, B. (2010). Greeting from Afganistan send more ammo. New York: Penguin Books....

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