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1.0 Executive Summary | Rent Holiday Groove is s service industry in Fiji that will focus on providing babies accessories and sports gear for rental to incoming visitors. The arrangements will be made with hotels, island resorts, rental car companies and all operating airlines in Fiji to provide on arrival accessories that are normally heavy and over-size luggage to make flying comfortable for everyone. | 2.0 Situation Analysis | As at July 2010 approximately 800,000 tourists arrived into Fiji in 2010 travelling majority for holiday, golf, surfing and diving. Air Pacific is currently under restructure very strict with luggage capacity allowed per passenger on a flight. Tourist tend to worry about their excess luggage (car seat, booster seat, crib, stroller, surf board, gold clubs, rackets etc) and most often tend to pay more to ensure the safety of their child or to fulfill their hobbies. | 3.0 Market Summary 3.0.1 Target Market3.0.2 Market Demographics3.0.3 Market Needs3.0.4 Market Growth | Rent Holiday Groove is concerned about Tourism travel and seeks to provide a stress-free holiday with concerns for luggage access.Tourism IndustryPopulation: September 2007 census confirmed 837,271 people.Climate: Tropical weather all year around with cyclone/ hurricane warning from November to April.Currently, Tourist who come into Fiji are not able to find general items such as car seats, strollers, cribs etc for rental and tend to bring these items with them. The market needs a rental company that can cater for these needs upon arrival and until departure at a reasonable rate for rental only.By end of 2012, Fiji is expected to receive more than a million tourists and with the Fiji Airline re-structure of luggage capacity, there is a potential growth in demand for rental of essential items outlined in 6.0. | 4.0 Strength4.1 Weakness4.2…...

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...approach of intelligent systems and the cognitive perspective Classical paradigm Centered on the programmer The programmer possess the knowledge The programmer provides the resources Off-line learning The programmer ‘teaches’ the system Learning process is limited and isolated The system carries programmer’s vision Cognitive perspective Centered on the system The system discovers and build the knowledge The system finds the resources On-line learning The system learns by itself Learning process is continuous and contextual The system develops its own’self ’ build a knowledge database (represented by human faces), starting with a limited set of data. The study was carried out using an AIBO robot (2000) which has the advantage of being biologically-inspired. The aim in the near future is to have the AIBO behaving in a personalized manner, depending on the frequency it sees a certain person. Thus, we expect the robot to develop a ‘friendlier’ attitude towards persons who are frequently seen, meanwhile to act more ‘reserved’ in front of a person who has been seen less frequent. The paper is structured as follows: in Section 2, we review the existing learning theories. Section 3 is dedicated to present the role of ‘context’ in the learning process. In Section 4 we present a study which is currently under way and is about the development of a cognitive model through incremental learning applied to the problem of face recognition by a social robot. Finally, in Section 5 we will......

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...The term “brand equity” is a combination of brand value, brand strength and brand image (also referred as brand description).The ability of a brand description to be able to cater to the needs and wants of a target market using the right marketing mix leading to the brand strength (loyalty) which ultimately leads to the brand value thus making these three interconnected and forming a brand equity chain. On the basis of this, brand equity is defined as the value brought about by the various benefits of brand such as security of sustained future revenue. There are different ways of measuring brand equity or the “added value”. The value is derived from the actions of consumers who rely on brand knowledge structures and who respond to products, price, communication etc. Two important components for this brand knowledge are brand awareness and brand image. While brand awareness is characterized by breadth and depth in terms of various consumption situations the brand comes to mind and the likelihood that the brand is recalled, brand image is consumer perceptions about the brand. The second article gives an in depth knowledge about the ways to measure a brand equity system which help in interpreting marketing strategies and assessing the value of the brand. The third article covers the brand valuation literature. This brand valuation can be measured by looking into two areas i.e :marketing measurement and financial treatment of brands. But there are various obstacles to this......

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...AIBO grew out of Sony's Computer Science Laboratory (CSL). Founded in 1990, CSL was set up to emulate the famed innovation center at Xerox’s Palo Alto Research Center (PARC). CSL's first product was the Aperios operating system, later to form the base software AIBO's. When Nobuyuki Idei became president of Sony in 1995, he sought to adopt a digital agenda, reflected in the new motto he gave the company, “Digital Dream Kids,” and the prominence he gave to CSL.[8] Two AIBO Prototypes and transparent ERS-7 Famed engineer Dr. Toshitada Doi is credited as AIBO’s original progenitor: in 1994 he had started work on robots with artificial intelligence expert Masahiro Fujita within CSL. Fujita would write that the robot's behaviors will need to “be sufficiently complex or unexpected so that people keep an interest in watching or taking care of it”.[9] Fujita argued that entertainment robots might be viable as "A robot for entertainment can be effectively designed using various state-of-the-art technologies, such as speech recognition and vision, even though these technologies may not be mature enough for applications where they perform a critical function. While there exists special and difficult requirements in entertainment applications themselves, limited capabilities in the speech and vision systems may turn out to be an interesting and attractive feature for appropriately designed entertainment robots." His early monkey-like prototype "MUTANT" included behaviors that would......

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...have to be provided the human-like movement, especially biped gait one. To maintain the dynamic balance during the walk, a robot needs information about the contact force and its desired motion. The solution to the problem lies on major concept called as Zero Moment Point (ZMP). ZMP is concept related to dynamics and especially to legged motion. It specifies the point with respect to which dynamic reaction force at the contact of the foot with the ground does not produce any moment, i.e. the point where total inertia force equals zero. The concept involves of the assumption that the contact area is planar and has sufficiently high friction to keep the feet from sliding. The ZMP is no longer useful if robot makes multiple non-planar contacts. AIBO ASIMO CHROMET GuRoo HOAP HRP-4C Iclub Nao KISMET Plen REEM 4 EXAMPLES PURPOSE/ FEATURES Mimic blinking, speaking Robotic pet To interact better with humans Large number of sensors Competes in the ROBOCUP Easy to program and simple initial start up voice recognition, speech synthesis To study cognition Competes in ROBOCUP Human Emotion & Appearance Controllable by a Bluetooth enabled phone Simultaneous MANUFACTURER/ DEVELOPER Kokoro Company LTD Sony, Japan Honda, Japan NIAIST4,Japan MRLSITEE5 Fujitsu Automation, Japan NIAIST,Japan RobotCub Consortium Aldebaran Robotics, France MIT6 Akazawa Co Ltd,Japan Pal Technology    National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology 5 Mobile Robotics......

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...EyeToy: Play, EyeToy es una videocámara y Play un software de juegos, que se enchufan en la nueva consola de Playstation 2. Al pararse en la cámara EyeToy los usuarios se ubican “dentro” del juego, e interactúan con objetos en la pantalla moviendo sus cuerpos. Esto logró atraer a madres, padres, niños (as), jóvenes y viejos. Lo que les llamo la atención a los usuarios fue la simplicidad y no resultaba intimidante, EyeToy es más que un juguete, aunque la mayoría de los consumidores aun no lo sabe. Puede grabar mensajes de video breves, y se puedo convertir en video teléfono. Querían romper el hielo con un software que la gente percibiera como un juego más que una aplicación de comunicaciones, para lentamente agregarle funcionalidad. ii) AIBO En lugar de decepcionar a los consumidores con un robot para el hogar ineficiente, Sony posicionó el producto como una adorable mascota con forma canina, pero por lo demás inútil. En lo que equivale a una prueba de mercado de 5 años de una tecnología imperfecta, Sony ha tenido un feedback para guiar el desarrollo continuado de sus robots. Ahora la empresa trabaja en el prototipo de su robot de próxima generación, un pequeño humanoide llamado QRIO. iii) Mac Mini La mini, que se vende sin monitor, mouse o teclado, es una caja de aluminio minimalista, de 15 cm de ancho y 5 de alto. Minimizando su capacidad como computadora, se concentraron en otros usos: servidor de música para el auto, puerto de internet usado en la cocina,......

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...out among other factories, laboratories, warehouses, energy plants, hospitals, and many other industries.   Robots are used for assembling products, handling dangerous materials, spray-painting, cutting and polishing, inspection of products. The number of robots used in tasks as diverse as cleaning sewers, detecting bombs and performing intricate surgery is increasing steadily, and will continue to grow in coming years.   Robot intelligence   Even with primitive intelligence, robots have demonstrated ability to generate good gains in factory productivity, efficiency and quality. Beyond that, some of the "smartest" robots are not in manufacturing; they are used as space explorers, remotely operated surgeons and even pets – like Sony's AIBO mechanical dog. In some ways, some of these other applications show what might be possible on production floors if manufacturers realize that industrial robots don't have to be bolted to the floor, or constrained by the limitations of yesterday's machinery concepts.   With the rapidly increasing power of the microprocessor and artificial intelligence techniques, robots have dramatically increased their potential as flexible automation tools. The new surge of robotics is in applications demanding advanced intelligence. Robotic technology is converging with a wide variety of complementary technologies – machine vision, force sensing (touch), speech recognition and advanced mechanics. This results in exciting new levels of functionality......

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... or threatening Reverse for Services Breakaway for Packaged Goods. Stealth for Technologies. Reverse Positioning 2. IKIA IKEA has long been celebrated in the business press for its innovative marketing and phenomenal growth Cheap and stylish inventory Top stores compete by carrying enormous and varied inventories Key factor in the stores high performance is its brilliant reverse positioning 3. Commerce Bank 4. JetBlue Breakaway Positioning 1. Swatch Swatch became the best –selling wristwatch of all time 2. The Simpsons The fox network has done a breakaway positioning when it launched its animated series The Simpsons in 1989. 3. EZ Squirt Ketchup Stealth Positioning 1. EyeToy: Play. 2. AIBO. 3. Mac Mini. Conclusion Short Summary In order to break out of the pack, you must shift mature products back and push new products forward to the growth phase of the product life cycle. Most firms build their marketing strategies around the concept of the product life cycle-the idea that after introduction. It doesn't always necessarily have to be that way. The case describes three positioning strategies that marketers use to shift consumers' thinking. Reverse positioning strips away product attributes while adding new ones. Breakaway positioning associates the product with a radically different. And stealth positioning acclimates leery consumers to a new offering by cloaking the product's true nature. A company can use......

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... Rolly a fost lansat pe data de 10 septembrie de Sony Style Japonia ca un inlocuitor pentru Aibo, cu un pret de vanzare de 39,800 Yen, in jur de 170 £ . Rolly este un robot in forma de ou care combina functiile unui music player cu cele ale unui robot. Are doua roti care ii permit sa se roteasca si sa se miste, precum si doua benzi luminoase cu LED-uri care suporta pana la 16 milioane de culori si doua manute in forma de cupa care se pot deschide si inchide in ambele parti, toate acestea fiind sincronizate in functie de melodia ascultata. Rolly are mai multe moduri de operare printre care si functionalitate Bluetooth. Acesta poate reda muzica direct de pe orice device cu Bluetooth cum ar fi telefoane mobile, laptopuri, mp3 playere etc. Rolly are deasemenea un accelerometru care detecteaza daca player-ul sta orizontal sau vertical. Cand acesta este in pozitie orizontala, roata de sus poate fi folosita pentru a schimba melodiile sau playlisturile, iar roata de jos controleaza volumul melodiei. Cand acesta este in pozitie orizontala, volumul poate fi controlat prin rotirea robotului in stanga sau in dreapta in functie de nivelul volumului dorit, iar pentru schimbarea melodiei robotul trebuie miscat inainte sau inapoi. Rolly are o memorie flash de 2 GB. Bateria lithium ion este incarcata prin usb sau prin achizitonarea unui incarcator separat. Bacteria are o autonomie de aproximativ 4-5 ore depinzand de nivelul......

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...Sony  is  facing  competition  from  other  robot  manufacturers,  including  Honda.  It  is  also  facing  competition  from  toy  manufacturers  selling  low-­‐end  knock-­‐offs  (e.g.,  Poo-­‐Chi).   How  should  these  affect  Sony's  positioning  strategy? "AIBO is not at all intended to replace live animals," said Grace Ann Arnold, spokeswoman for Sony Electronics. "It is technologically designed primarily for entertainment purposes. You can train it and teach it. It does have emotions and instincts built in. But it is not intended to replace animals." "We're keeping in perspective that it's a child's toy," said Rachel Johnson, spokeswoman for Tiger Electronics. "It's fun and exciting and a whole new level of interactive play. But it's not our goal to replace household pets." When firms adopt a reverse or breakaway positioning strategy, there is no pretense about what they're up to. Part of the appeal of their cleverly positioned product offerings comes from explicitly subverting convention through unconventional promotions, prices, and attributes. In contrast, companies that use stealth positioning adopt a covert approach. They conceal the true nature of their products by affiliating them with a different category. This is a powerful strategy for marketers when a category is in some way tainted. Consumers may feel intimidated by products in the category (as can be the case with new technologies); they may be skeptical of the products because previous......

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