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Marketing Plan And Advertisement

This product is designed to make the life simple and less complicated, Facilitate the way to prepare meals, smoothies, ice-cream and so on, easy and safe to manipulate. The target people will be the ones with a busy life style.

* Mothers * Single people * College students * Young teenagers

“BALI “The new blender Hand powerful motor with attachments
Attachment with 6 powerful blades
Attachment to submerge and mix fast
Based motor like a stove and freezer
Capability to cook and freeze
Blend and mix
Blend delicious smoothies
Mix to cook a perfect cake
Blend and let it cook a soup

BALI at $ 42.00
A fair price amount competitor
High performance with great price

Place We will start with big retail like Best Buy, Target, Macey Home. And will have stand out at shopping mall and grocery shopping. We will be at high end grocery shopping.
We will create our own website where people can order it online and will use free shipping if they purchase throughout our online store.
Will be mainly through direct marketing so we have a good use of the media. Especially TV spot because our clients will be housekeeping so they will be home and watch those commercial. Print advertising will be our next thing because this will go door to door to the area where our target people lives and some different it will be handout with the same grocery magazine. To increase the awareness for our student we will use the online media that is most common used media for the entire student. Social media will be big and spreading the word out through social media post and share. Will use segmentation to our market, we will start focusing into rural areas in countries and then expand into…...

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... përshtatet jetës suaj ( te tilla si ajo e një vegjetariani) , por te njëjtat aplikime  përdoren edhe ne  karbohidrate, yndyrore, yndyrnat e shëndetshme dhe proteinat e nevojshme  qe trupi te funksionoje siç duhet.    Kontrolli i Peshës  Kur keni një diete te balancuar, një nga mënyrat qe trupi juaj përfiton është kontrolli i peshës.  Sipas Qendrës se Kontrollit te Sëmundjeve ne 2006,  mbi 72 milion amerikan te moshës mbi 20 ishin konsideruar obez.  Obeziteti është  përcaktuar  si një indeks i masës trupore. Te hash shëndetshëm ndihmon ne parandalimin e obizitetit  disa mënyra.  Se pari:  Ata qe hane shëndetshëm  kane tendence për te marre me pak kalori gjate ngrënies.  Se dyti: Te hani shëndetshëm  siguron sasi te mëdha fibrash ( te tilla si ato qe gjendjen ne fruta, perime dhe ne drithëra) Fibrat i japin trupit   ndjesi  e te ngopurit , e cila redukton shtimin e  ushqimit gjate ditës. Se fundmi:  Te hani shëndetshëm  influencon ne metabolizmin tuja, duke ju lejuar juve qe te digji sa me shume kalori.    Shëndeti i Zemrës  Një diete e shëndetshme zëvendëson ushqime  te mbushura me kolesterol  LDL ( te keqia) me ushqim qe janë te pasur me  kolesterol  HDL ( te mire)  te tille si vaj ullirit ose salmoni). Niveli i larte i LDL kolesterol  te krijuar ne gjak , mund  te arrije deri ne enët e gjakut, kjo mund te çoje forcimin arterial dhe ne sëmundjet e zemrës.   Kolesteroli HDL heq Kolesterilin LDL ( te keq) nga  qarkullimi i gjakut te mëlçia, ku pastaj përpunohet për ta hequr......

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