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7342 ISAM FTTU QoS explained FGU4.6 update

7342 ISAM FTTU QoS overview - 3FC-40122-C100-TQZZA Access RSC EUNO/EUSO BBA Technical Pre-sales Experts – March, 2009
Alcatel-Lucent internal document – All rights reserved

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The ONT makes use of the 802.1p-bit bridging concept – to enables the ubiquity of prioritybased services offered in PON networks. In upstream, the main idea is to allow the 802.1p market Ethernet packets to be forwarded to the right GEM Port based on user port, VLAN ID, VLAN priority, Ethernet Type, or DSCP value. The GEM Port is attached to a T-CONT, which is pulled at a certain frequency at the discretion of the OLT. In the downstream direction, the ONT terminates the GEM layer, extracts the Ethernet packets, and forwards them into the right downstream priority queue based on their 802.1p priorities. The p-bit is an integer value from 0 to 7 that is either encoded in the tag header of a priority-tagged and VLAN-tagged frame, or derived from the DSCP number in the IP header of an untagged frame. Where an untagged frame from a trusted source is received, the mapping is used to convert the DSCP number in the IP header of the frame to a p-bit value. The mapping of DSCP numbers to p-bits is configurable at the system level and at the UNI level.



Each Ethernet port on the ONT (or ONT UNI) is provided with eight queues. The ONT UNI port can support multiple traffic schedulers in the upstream direction, where each scheduler is allocated to an individual service on the UNI. In addition, the (relative) weights of the individual queues are configurable; Strict Priority scheduling is achieved by allocation a zero weight to the queues, whereas a value between 1 and 255 will trigger Weighted Round Robin (WRR) handling. Note that;…...

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