“All the Troubles of the World”

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“All the Troubles of the World”

Isaac Asimov’s science fiction story “All the Troubles of the World” explores human life in a world controlled by a single, central computer. Asimov creates a world in which Multivac (a massive computer) can predict human behaviour. As a result of its power people become reliant on Multivac and cease thinking for themselves. As people make Multivac more powerful, it becomes aware and tries to commit suicide. The story suggests that reliance on technology may result in people losing the ability to think critically. Examining the actions of the detective Ali Othman and the boy Ben Manners will make this clear. In this story, Ali Othman is one of the coordinators responsible for the care and control of Multivac. His daily job is to observe the daily crime probabilities which provided by the Multivac and take response to prevent the crimes happen. For example, Ali Othman is always based on the probability to check how many crimes will happen in a day, and then he starts to do some actions to prevent the crimes. Also he is just based on the rate of the probability to determine the crimes will happen or not. That means they do not have any real evidences before arrest and observe someone who is suspected by the Multivac. I this story, Ali Othman fins out that two first degree murders are appeared on the same day, and one of the case will be done by a man called Manner, so Ali Othman sends some police to arrest him. Even though they don`t have any real evidence to prove Manner is going to plan a first degree murder because they just deadly follow the instruction come out by the Multivac but the government still has to arrest him to prevent the incident happens, although that is so innocent to a person. Also form the story, Ali Othman just follows the instruction come out by the Multivac and arrest Manner, but they don’t think about…...

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