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C24/7 Natura-Ceuticals
• a breakthrough product from Nature's Way, and is exclusively distributed by AIM Global in Asia.
• It has 16,000 Phyto-nutrients and a very high ORAC value.
• approved as Halal by the Muslims and Kosher by the Jews.
• It is 100% Excipient Free and the material used for encapsulating Complete is also made from Vegetables (Vegetarian Capsules or V-Caps)
• C24/7 Natura-Ceuticals utilizes Nanotechnology , Phyto-Alkatech (for faster absorption) and Syner-tech (for a synergistic boost).
C24/7 Contains: All Ingredients of Complete Phyto-Energizer:
* 29 Vitamins and Minerals/Trace Minerals
* 12 Whole Fruit Juice Blend
* 12 Whole Vegatable Juice Blend
* 12 Mushrooms
* 12 Herbs/Specialty Nutrients
* 12 Digestive Enzymes
* 10 Essential Fatty Acids
* 14 Green Foods/Spirulina Blend
* 18 Amino Acids
* Citrus Bioflovanoid Complex

And 9 more ingredients:
* Cysteine Hydrochloride - An amino acid known to detoxify the liver and counter the negative effect of alcohol (such as Liver Damage and Hangover) * Coenzyme Q-10 - Helps fight Cancer and Heart Diseases. Can give humans a longer lifespan
* Green Tea EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate) - Fights Cancer and Heart Diseases. Prevents Blood Clots * Grape Skin Extract - An excellent source of Resveratrol
* Corsitine - A very powerful anti-oxidant
* Japanese Knotweed - An excellent source of Resveratrol * Premium Red Wine Extract - Lengthens human Lifespan
* Grape Seed Extract - An excellent anti-oxidant Lengthens human Lifespan * Concentrated Red Wine Powder (certified NO alcohol content) - Lengthens human Lifespan

29 Vitamins and Minerals/Trace Minerals

The Vitamins and Minerals contained in Complete are Chelated which gives them the ability to bind and expel bacteria, viruses,heavy metals,etc.

* They also have a Synergistic Effect which allows the…...

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