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Within this paper I will be analyzing Allstate Insurance Company model for goal setting. While reading this assignment the reader should understand Allstate’s competitive advantage of diversity and if they have an effective goal setting process. I have several recommendations for Allstate’s high performance reward system.
According to The American Heritage Dictionary, the word diversity is defined as the state or fact of being different. Indeed, Allstate Insurance Company has prided them as being different from other insurance companies; Allstate uses diversity in the workplace to open a line of communication between upper management, employees, and workers. This creates a template for effective goal setting. They believe in affirmative action, and this shows in the diversity of agents that are employed with Allstate. Their primary goal is to provide the best customer service possible and to meet all of their customer’s insurance needs.
Allstate does not base its competitive advantage of the Diversity Index on race or gender. It is based on a much broader scale, such as age, religion, origin, disability, etc. How do you take such a diverse workforce and bring them together, leading to a more powerful way of impacting business? Start by listening to the customers. If you have a diverse combination of customers, then you should have a diverse combination of business professionals to meet their needs. Customers react to business professionals who are just like themselves. This creates a comfortable environment and gives the customer a better selection of goods and services. This keeps customers coming back again and again and it creates a more diverse clientele, because if customers are treated well and gain a good report of the business,…...

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...with the performance levels required to attain a certain goal. Allstate has determined that their goal is to be as diverse as possible in order to use it as a weapon against competition. They have stated that their diversity goals are not politically or legally motivated, but instead are essential in “leveraging differences in order to create a competitive advantage.” This strategy is broken down into two major points, one internally focused and one externally focused. The internal focus is dedicated to “unlocking the potential for excellence in all workers by providing them with the tools, resources, and opportunities to succeed.” This means that the company is willing to use whatever they can to ensure that their employees are performing at the highest possible levels and may include special programs to help with personal issues (such as extended leave or back-up childcare) or performance issues (such as training sessions and workshops for employees that may need that extra lesson on how to). Their external focus is about making sure that their employee structure reflects the experiences, backgrounds, and sensitivities of the markets that they serve. This is very important for cultural diversity reasons. People feel most comfortable with people that they can relate to, and are more likely to patronize a company that offers a range of cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds. In this aspect, Allstate uses diversity as an integral part of daily company life......

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...Allstate Insurance Company Professor: Thomas Schaefer Brittiny Roseberry Leadership and Organizational Behavior April 27, 2011 Allstate Insurance Company has defined itself as being more diverse, affordable, and personable with consumers. Using the model for goal setting, evaluate Allstate's goal setting process to determine whether Allstate has an effective goal-setting program. The goal-setting program incorporated into Allstate's policy and procedure is great. According to the text there are five elements of efficient goal setting that should come together in order obtain the many benefits of the program. The first element is determining if the employee has the knowledge and ability to attain the goal. The employee has to be confident in knowing that they can actually reach the goal. An employer cannot ask an employee who lacks self-efficacy to perform high sales volumes that would be considered a stretch for that particular employee. The employer needs to understand and know what their employees are capable of doing effectively. Influencing an employee to go beyond their capabilities can lead to them becoming unethical in order to please their employers, which can lead to problems for the organization. Allstate has incorporated this element through employee development. Employee development is a process in which each employee is evaluated on his or her current job skills. Then Allstate creates a progress plan for each employee so that employees can develop the......

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...also interesting and meaningful. They also reward their employees’ efforts based on a pay for performance approach (Allstate Culture, 2011). Question #1: Using the model for goal setting, evaluate Allstate’s goal setting process to determine whether or not Allstate has an effective goal-setting program. Goal setting is simply the process of establishing specific objectives which employees, teams, departments, and organizations will strive to meet to help the organization as a whole be efficient and successful; Allstate’s diversity strategy is to bring together employee differences in order to create a competitive advantage. Allstate has taken the following four steps in order to take their workforce of differences and bring them together in a more powerful way so that it can impact business results (Hellriegel & Slocum, 2011). Those steps are succession programming, development, measurement, accountability and reward. Allstate uses succession programming to track and measure the key components of career development and opportunities for all of its employees. By do this they want to continue to run a company that is diverse at all levels. Allstate has a development process for all employees where they are assessed in their current job skills and provided with an outline for their continued development of the skills they need in order to advance. Allstate conducts a survey every two years call the Diversity Index, which is part of a larger employee survey process......

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...Running head: BUS520 Assign 2 Allstate Insurance Company Allstate Insurance Company Myrna L. Hunt-Young In Partial fulfillment of BUS520 Professor Danette O’Neal 04/28/2011 Abstract This paper will discuss the strategy that the Allstate Insurance Company, located in Northbrook, Illinois uses for motivating their employees. There will be a discussion of the advantage that Allstate has by using the Diversity Index and Quality Leadership Measurement System (QLMS) program. Furthermore, there will be list of options that Allstate could use to motivate their employees to meet the goals set by the company. Lastly, I will discuss whether or not Allstate’s Diversity Index and QLMS program would motivate me to work for the company. Background The human resource team at Allstate started an affirmative action program during the late 1960’s. This program was considered innovative. The program consisted of 4 steps: Succession, Programming, Development, Measurement, and Accountability and Reward. Each step takes into affect the employee, managers, and the company. Allstate is an Insurance company located in Northbrook Illinois. This is a suburb located north of Chicago, Illinois. Using the model for goal setting, evaluate Allstate’s goal setting process to determine whether or not Allstate has an effective goal-setting program. Goal setting is documented in the book Organizational Ethics, by Hellriegel and Slocum (2010, page 194), “Goal Setting is the process of......

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...“Allstate Insurance Company” Shirley Foster Dr. Udoh Udom Leadership and Organization Behavior-BUS 520 July 20, 2010 Allstate Insurance Company pg 1 Using the model for goal setting, evaluate Allstate’s goal setting process to determine whether or not Allstate has an effective goal-setting program. The goal setting process is important for success in today’s competitive global business environment. It’s also one of the most essential motivational tools for affecting the performance of employees in any organization. Allstate Insurance Company challenging goal is to bring a diversity workforce together so it can have an impact on its business results. Therefore, it’s critical that every Allstate employee understand the importance of diversity. Allstate’s diversity program is effective at removing understated barriers to advancement. To meet their goal Allstate emphasizes on diversity education. These skills will allow employees to relate more effectively with customers and each other’s. The company diversity strategy is use to gain a completive advantage. Allstate’s main objectives are to expand career and advancement opportunities for women and minorities; and focusing on customer growth, retention and satisfaction. The succession planning ensures that qualified candidates is identified and developed for key positions. After training the employee go through a feedback process to determine if they are practicing what they’ve learned. Allstate diversity program is......

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...Allstate Insurance Company Professor Wendy Johnson October 30, 2011 Allstate’s Goal-Setting Process Allstate Insurance was founded in 1931 as a part of the Sears Roebuck and Company and was spun off as a separate company in 1993 with 20 percent of the company being offered to the public. In 1995, the remaining 80 percent of the company was again offered to the public and has been its own separate entity since then. Allstate has been a leader in the industry as one of the America’s Most Admired Companies as told by Fortune Magazine in 2007 and 2009. Allstate has also been a leader in the fields of Work/Life Initiatives, Diversity Education, Accountability Measurements, Mentoring Programs, as well as Career Advancement and Development Leadership. While being a leader in these areas, Allstate has been able to retain some of the best managers and leaders at their company and excel in an industry that is very competitive and demanding on each and every person that they employ. One key aspect of Goal Setting, not only for Allstate, but for almost every sustainable business is giving employees the knowledge and ability to attain their goals and also to give those employees the tools that are necessary to carry that goal out. Through the company’s employee development process, all employees receive an assessment of their current job skills and a road map for developing the critical skill necessary for development. This gives all employee a way to set goals that are aligned...

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...| A More Diverse Allstate | Lenora Gumbs | | Petrina ShatteenLeadership and Organizational Behavior | October 29, 2011 | This paper describes a successful goal setting model and how to effectively implement the model to increase productivity. It also describes Allstate insurance and their mission to have a diverse company and the measures they put in place in order to achieve that mission. | Introduction Goal setting is absolutely essential to having a successful business. In order for a company to have effective goals they have to make sure the goals are clearly understood by the managers and the employees. The company should also provide incentives for meeting and exceeding expectations. Allstate provides a model of how they are creating a more diverse company. Their ultimate goal is to have a company that is diverse internally and can reach the diverse culture that surrounds us. Goal Setting Model The goal setting process starts with the challenge phase. When a company decides to set goals for their organization, the goals need to be clear and concise and provide an opportunity for the employee to be challenged to achieve the goal and create a better company. Hellriegel and Slocum states that, “Employees with unclear goals or no goals are more prone to work slowly, perform poorly, exhibit lack of interest, and accomplish less than employees whose goals are clear and challenging” (2011). “The two key attributes of challenging goals are: Goal difficulty...

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...Allstate Insurance Company SM Jones BUS 520 July 19, 2011 Strayer University Abstract Allstate was founded in 1931 as part of Sears, Roebuck & CO., and became publicity traded company in 1993 on June 30, 1995, it became a totally independent company after sears diversed its remaining shares to Sears stockholders. Based in Northbrook, Illinois, Allstate is the nations largest publically held personal lines insurer and one of the nations leading insurers in urban areas. Allstate has found that through diversity they have improved their performance in today’s competitive environment. Allstate defines inclusive diversity as the collective mixture of all of the differences in the workplace, marketplace and community ( Allstate has four specific steps that combines workplace differences that will impact business results; succession programming, development, measurement accountability and reward. The first step is succession programming identifies and develops key position for each employee. Second step is development, management gives each employee an assessment of their current jobs skills and a road map for developing the critical skills needed to advance in the company. Twice a year employees are given the diversity index survey and a feedback process called Quarterly Leadership Measurement System (QLMS), this is the third step measurement. Accountability and reward is the fourth step which links the accountability with......

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...Running head: ALLSTATE INSURANCE Allstate Insurance Company February 5, 2011 Strayer University 1. Using the model for goal setting, evaluate Allstate’s goal setting process to determine whether or not Allstate has an effective goal-setting program. Allstate established ways to improve performance throughout their corporation to achieve goals for their employees. In doing so, the internal diversity focus and the external diversity focus were closely analyzed. Employees were provided with resources and tools that would allow them to ascertain the goals needed to succeed. Experiences and sensitivities were examined to ensure the work force met the needs of the market it serves. The managers at Allstate viewed diversity not as a goal but as a process that is integrated into the daily life of the company, according to Hellriegel and Slocum (2011), authors of Organizational Behavior, (para. 1). The company determined that awareness by way of education and training would be the best way to assist their employees; however this was not their business strategy. A challenge was created to observe the individual’s ability and goal commitment. Feedback was expected from the workforce and the difficulty of the task was significant. Equally important were the goals; the goals were to be clear and the individual’s own ability to perform a......

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