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American Government
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1. Which amendment did the Court use to make some provisions of the Bill of Rights applicable to the states?
d. Fourteenth 2. Which of the following was NOT used as an argument against adding a bill of rights to the Constitution?
e. The Constitution already contained protection for individual rights 3. The U.S. Supreme Court has interpreted the establishment clause to mean that
e. governments may provide aid to religious schools as long as the aid goes to children and not to religious goals 4. Which form of speech is protected under the First Amendment?
b. symbolic speech 5. Which is NOT considered a protected form of speech? a. Carrying a “Bong Hits 4 Jesus” banner during a school-sanctioned parade 6. The U.S. Supreme Court first ruled that the Second Amendment protects an individual’s right to own a firearm in certain jurisdictions D.C. v Heller in 2008 7. Traditionally, the Supreme Court has rules that the Fourth Amendment required a warrant for police to search
e. the home of the accused 8. When suspects are arrested and read their Miranda rights, the authorities are informing them of their ___ Amendment rights.
d. Fifth 9. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the controversial 2003 federal Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act was
c.constitutional despite its lack of a heath exception for the mother 10. The major act passes in the aftermath of September 11, 2001, to combat terrorism in the United States was the
e. USA Patriot…...

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Goverment on his laurels.  After guaranteeing 184 new positions for blacks at Hi Low Grocery Stores, and some of them in management positions, he also demanded shelf space for minority owned products who were financial supporters of his cause.  This level of commitment was not lost on General Motors who subsequently offered him a position on their board of directors.  I believe civic and political participation is that which allows a citizen to earn his or her freedoms; this is one of the reasons I have chosen you to consider this American Success Story be elevated.  Our calendars are littered with holidays that do nothing to impact people’s lives.  Jackson is a great man who has made an impact on America, from Civil Rights Leader, to American Patriot, to international diplomat, to defender of the poor, creator of jobs, motivator, speaker, reverend, community organizer, Corporate Board Member, one who does not judge, millionaire, father, and general American success story, please consider Jesse Jackson Day as a National Holiday.   Sincerely Yours, Elise Garcia Works Cited "Jesse Jackson." Bio. A&E Television Networks, 2015. Web. 09 July 2015....

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...changing the economy and try to correct the situations in different ways to overcome the situations like unemployment, inflation or deflation. * By modifying & changing some important areas of the economy, government tries in different ways like, by changing and adjusting fiscal policies & monetary policies, by increasing & controlling government spending, by managing tax rates and managing currency rate & money supply, government tries to make market work better and keep the economic growth steady. * In my opinion government should not be involved in the market because free market economic system and capitalism are the main reasons on which USA economy was founded and which allows everyone to achieve financial growth & success and achieve American dream. * Free market economic system creates competitive market, encourages entrepreneurship, maintain the balance of supply and demand and help to keep natural prices of goods & services. Free market gives an opportunity of financial freedom to own a business and make growth. * Recently we have seen the government tries to control the market through bail outs but it has failed and still no significant growth in economy has been noticed and still we have a high ratio of unemployment, high gas prices and inflation. Free money to banks has not helped small business and still there is a big threat of recession. Also most of the time governments don’t understand the actual problems in the economy like current state of the economy......

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