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Americans At A Glance: Self Cultural Profile
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As managers of diverse environments, there is a natural tendency to develop a cultural profile of those they work with. However, at times, there arises the need for the manager conduct a cultural profile of themselves in an inward reflective manner. This goes a long way in helping the manager understand him/herself in a way that identifies their weaknesses and strengths. This greatly influences their management styles and strategies. This paper will look to analyze and highlight a personal cultural profile in a general sense. In the paper I will highlight in topical format each cultural trait and seek to explain how this trait evident in my behavior, its strengths and its weaknesses.
Highly organized and Institutionally minded
Institutions provide structure and order in any situation, be it governmental or business, even family. I believe there is a need for institutions to ensure organization and security in business. This ensures order and sets rules and boundaries within which all aspects and facets of an institution or organization operate. This has a huge disadvantage though. Some sitautions in the course of day-to-day activities in the organization are not set in black and white and may require compromise. Being institutionally minded tends to create rigidity in how certain issues are handled. This may lead to loss of certain opportunities.
Work Oriented and Efficient
This cultural facet sets the stage for other positive traits and cultures within the organization. This helps me to set and fix on certain goals and drive towards a given desired direction, in the process finding easier and more efficient ways to perform certain activities. It ensures an up-to-date culture with technology. This tends to create less time for leisure, though I am slowly learning to…...

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