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Death Be Not Proud: Collected Short Fiction on War
Around the world and across centuries, wars have, perhaps to their sole credit, given rise to a pantheon of soul-shaking literature unique to a specific kind of emotion: hopelessness. The underlying theme of this anthology will strive to lay bare this emotion through the short fiction of some of the finest writers in the world, and some lesser known ones. While some of the works in this proposed anthology will show an insider’s point of view, some others will tear open similar wounds from the pens of civilians. These selected stories of war and warriors will include Stephen Crane’s uncanny analytical vision and his depiction of the ‘beauty of war’ and Emile Zola’s brutal obsession with the essence of battles – courage, carnage, and carcass. It will include Tolstoy’s photographic portrayal of war as he saw it, revealing in its undertones, his subsequent pacifism. It hopes to include HH Munro, whose voluntary enlistment to serve the army in World War I led to many poignant prose-poetry extravaganzas in his body of fiction. Along with other unforgettable war writers like John Galsworthy, Willa Cather, and Rudyard Kipling, this anthology will strive to showcase a blend of writers and writing styles that bring out the hopelessness of manmade strife.

Fiction Is Stranger: An Anthology of Mystery Stories
Weird or logical, supernatural or thrilling, few things get the adrenalin going like a good mystery. Having developed over the past two centuries, mystery fiction is amongst the youngest themes in fiction literature. Urbanisation and the Industrial Revolution saw a shift in populations that brought droves of people into cities, increasing urban population and bringing about a need for an organised police force. It is believed that this, along with the increasing aspiration and need for formal education, led to mystery…...

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...Dazzler or duck? This question was posted to me by one of my form teacher in primary school. When I got this question, I was rather puzzled. A dazzler? A duck? I went on searched for the true meanings of this question. After a while, I realized that a dazzler is actually an extrovert and a duck is an introvert. First of all, let me explain what a dazzler and a duck are. A dazzler is a person or thing that dazzles, in particular a person who is overwhelmingly impressive or skillful. A duck is a person predominantly concerned with their own thoughts and feelings rather than with external things. I did not answer this question as I was not certain of myself. I did not know whether I was an extrovert and introvert. Hence, I decided to put this question aside. When I was thinking of a topic to write for my journal entry, this question just popped up in my head. Is there a right or wrong answer in this particular question? Will be deemed stupid if I gave an acceptable answer? These questions raced through my head as I did not know what to do. I guessed I am a bit of both maybe more to the duck side. When I am alone or with my good friends, I tend to be a ‘duck’ listening to what the others are saying. However, when I have to answer questions aloud, I will be a ‘dazzler’ speaking my answers with confidence, most of the time. After some time, I realized that they are actually no right and wrong answer in this question. This question is about your personality. Whether......

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