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The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time
“The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time” takes place in the year 1998 in and around the town of Swindon in England. It’s a typical small-town neighborhood, where everybody knows everybody. The main character lives in a medium size house with a nice garden. His school has a nice environment, and from the description it seems that Christopher likes it – especially his teacher Siobhan whom he talks too very well. Financially, it seems that the family is middleclass, they don’t to have too much or too little money. Their main form of income is Christopher’s father heating maintenance and boiler repair business. Even though Christopher is a difficult child, his parents still show him plenty of love and affection. This love helps him through the whole story – it gives him a kind confidence that he lacks.
The beginning: The novel is about a fifteen year old autistic boy named Christopher, who lives with his dad in a small town in England. One day Christopher finds his neighbor’s dog dead, it has been killed with a fork. After the shock of finding the dog, Christopher decides to uncover the dog’s murderer. While investigating, Christopher gets arrested and taken in to custody by the police because of a misunderstanding. After this episode, he promises the police and his father that he would stop his investigation immediately.
Conflict: As a part of a school assignment, Christopher writes his investigation in a book, and this turns out to be the book we are reading. Ignoring repeated warnings from his father, Christopher investigates the crime scene and has interviews with the residents of his block. Based on these interviews, he figures out that his neighbor (the owner of the dog) has had a romantic affair. Christopher goes searching for the book, which his father has hidden from him in…...

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