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Analysis of Consumer Behavior quotes
“We surround ourselves with valued material possessions as a matter of our lives taking course. A sense of linkage to the concrete and observable world external to ourselves permits us to obtain a sense of stability and continuity in an otherwise less stable existence”. Discuss

Psychology is important in many aspects of business, not least in the whole area of marketing and advertising. An understanding of the consumer behaviour is an essential part of the psychology of marketing. This essay will firstly give an explanation of consumer behaviour. Following this, it will discuss the benefits of the applications of consumer behaviours. Finally, it will look at the explication of attachment in consumer behaviours in the quote “We surround ourselves with valued material possessions as a matter of our lives taking course; a sense of linkage to the concrete and observable world external to ourselves permits us to obtain a sense of stability and continuity in an otherwise less stable existence.”

Consumer Behaviour
Consumer behaviour is a complex, multi-disciplinary theory contributed from a variety of social sciences. The microeconomic demand theory, the foundation theory of market economy, is focused on what prospect effect the changes in income and price has on demand under the prerequisite of stable preferences; it does not provide explanation of the dynamics of the many factors in between, for instance, what influence income and price changes has on preferences.
The basic forces of consumer behaviours are emotions, motives as well as attitudes. The study of consumer behaviour focuses on these such as why a consumer buys, how a product is perceived, how the buying decision is taken, where and what a consumer wants to buy (Alvensledben, 1997). In a competitive market economy, this knowledge can influence the…...

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