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LinkedIn: The Future
By: Katarina Begonja

Table of Contents

Executive Summary...............................................1

Case Facts..............................................................2,3

Case Analysis.........................................................4,5,6


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Executive Summary

Future of LinkedIn. Becoming more like Facebook.

Despite being widely recognized as the undisputed champion of the professional networking industry, LinkedIn has made several recent changes to become more like the competition, most notably, Facebook. In an effort to attract daily users, LinkedIn has added many new features, such as, notifications and photo/video sharing. All of these features have long been available on Facebook. In addition to aiming for a similar user experience, LinkedIn also appears to be following in the footsteps of Facebook in regards to generating revenue. As users increasingly access these social networks via their mobile phone, LinkedIn has revamped their mobile app to include advertising.


Case Facts:

-Updated version of their mobile app was launched in April. For the first time, it will have ads on the app, to generate revenue for LinkedIn. The CEO recognizes the task of pulling this off is a tricky one, b/c you don't want to clutter users with ads in the precious limited space you have when viewing a mobile app (not as spacious as a tablet or desktop view).

-They hope the new additional features will bring users to the site frequently, rather than just when they are looking for a job. trying to evolve into a site people check daily.

-Mobile usage…...

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