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RGS 2014 Year 3 Physics Performance Task
(A) Introduction This report is the analysis of the motion of a Slinky dropping. When a slinky is fully extended and then released, it can be seen that the top and bottom of the slinky act somewhat unusually and do not fall at an acceleration of 9.81 m/s. In order to understand this motion, a video tracking software has been used to track these two points of the slinky. This report focuses on the y-direction (vertical) movement of these points through two phases. Phase A to B is when the top of the slinky has yet to meet the bottom of the slinky. When the slinky is fully compressed, this is when phase B to C begins, and it ends when the slinky hits the floor. The aim of this report is to analyse these results, in order to explain the movement of the falling slinky.
(B) Procedure In this experiment, a 21cm ruler has been used for a reference length for the video tracking software. For increased accuracy, a longer reference length should be used.
The procedure, which should be recorded using a camera on a tripod stand, placed such that there is no perspective error, is as follows: 1. Hold slinky from the top most coil so that it is fully extended and does not touch the floor. (See Diagram B1) 2. When the slinky has settled and there is minimal movement, release the slinky. 3. Stop recording when the Slinky has come to a complete rest. The height that the Slinky is released from is unimportant, as the video tracking software is able to calculate this through the reference length. The Slinky should be coloured differently from its background, with the top and bottom of the slinky brightly coloured so that it is easily distinguishable for accurate tracking. In this experiment, a high-speed camera should be used with a tripod to minimize any shakiness and for optimum accuracy.

(C) Discussions…...

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