Analysis of the Effects of a Service Charter on Service Delivery

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I wish to dedicate this work to my wife Grace, children Jedidiah, Emmanuel and Beracah and parents who inspired, supported and encouraged me to overcome the numerous challenges of this study.


I wish to acknowledge the professional guidance and support of Dr. Katuse throughout this work. I am also grateful to Mr Charles Muhia who spent much of his time discussing the work and giving valuable guidance and suggestions.

I am also grateful to my colleagues who provided valuable information to enable this study to be success.


1.1 Background 1
1.1.1 Kenya Power and Lighting profile 1
1.1.2 Customer service charters 2
1.2 Problem Statement 3
1.3 Research Objectives 4
1.4 Research Questions 4
1.5 Significance of the Study 5
1.6 Delimitations/scope of the study 5
1.7 Assumptions of the study 5
1.8 Definition of Operational Terms 6
2.1 Introduction 7
2.2 Theoretical Review 7
2.3 Theoretical Framework 10
2.4 Empirical Review 10
2.4.1 Customer service Charter 10
2.4.2 Services 11
2.4.3 Customer Service Orientation 12
2.4.4 Quality 12
2.4.5 Service Quality standards 13
2.4.6 Standard setting 13
2.4.7 Employee involvement and in organization transformation 14
2.4.8 Customer Satisfaction 14
2.5 Conceptualization and Conceptual frameworks 18
2.6 Operationalization of Variables 19
2.7 Research gaps 20
3.1 Introduction 21
3.2 Research Design 21
3.3 Sampling Method and Procedures 21
3.4 Data Collection Procedures and Instruments 22
3.5 Data Analysis and Reporting 23
3.6 Ethical Issues 23…...

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