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You attend your friend's piano recital, knowing that your friend is seriously considering a career as a pianist. Her performance is unsatisfactory. She approaches you after the performance and asks, "Well, what did you think?" What should you do? * Tell her to keep her day job. * Tell her it sounded terrific. * Try to get out of it by telling her Victor Borge couldn't have done a better job. * Tell her it was pretty good, with plans to approach her later to discourage her from making a career of it. * Do something else. If so, what?

“The Five P’s Blanchard and Peale identify five P’s that need to be considered in analyzing the solution to the problem at hand: purpose, pride, patience, persistence, and perspective. The five P’s table gives a list of questions for us to answer that will help us further evaluate our solution. (Blanchard, 1988) Telling your friend to keep her day job, in my opinion, would be a rude response. I would not only hurt her feelings, but possibly discourage her from continuing her dream of being a pianist. Telling her it sounded terrific would be a lie, especially if others were talking badly about her performance. You would want to keep from hurting her feelings and then lose her confidence in your opinion, if she later found out that you really thought her performance was less than what you stated.
Telling your friend that “Victor Borge couldn’t have done a better job,” may not make any sense to her. If she takes your comment seriously, it would hurt her feelings, and possibly cost you your friendship.
If your friend values your opinion; telling her that it was pretty good, then approaching her later would be the least hurtful to your friend. Everyone can appreciate constructive criticism if it is given with discretion and kindness.
Is there another response you could use? Of course there is.…...

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