Analysis and Comparative Study of Three Micro Small Medium Enterprises (Msme) in Bogor

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Business Profile
Business Profiles : Cotton
Candy Industry.
This cotton candy sweets business, based on the information during the interview, was established in
1998. Monetery crisis that hit
Indonesia had caused previous business collapsed and went bankrupt, causing the business owner started to sell cotton candies on the street… Cont’d to Page 4

Business Profile
Busines Profile : Bening Jati
Anugrah Food; A Frozen Food
Manufacturing Company
Bening Jati Anugrah Food is a small medium enterprise manufacturing frozen food from ocean fish as raw materials. Using Bening Food as its brand, this business is located in… Cont to Page 4

Business Profile
Business profile : Hot Crispy
Hot Crispy is a food processing business that was established in 2005, or roughly about 10 years ago. Products offered are …Cont’d to Page 5

December 15, 2015

M i c r o , S m a l l a n d Me d i u m E n te r p r i s e s
(MSMEs) in Bogor are one among various economic sectors that have contributed in regional revenue and also in employment sectors. Approximately 11.297
MSMEs in Bogor City (, 2015) that employ 19.035 workers, and around 15.000 people involved in MSMEs in Bogor regency (,
2015). As a follow up on this significant development,
Bogor city administrators have transformed the
Cooperation affairs office into Cooperation and
MSMEs office to better manage the SMEs potential in Bogor City.
Business development of MSMEs in both
Bogor city and regency is expected to contribute significant solution to unemployement issues in that areas… Cont’d to Page 2


Micro, Small and…...

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